Eliminated [BETA]

Still in Beta phase: v0.4
The major bugs are fixed, you can play it safely :)
You need to click "Start game mode" when you want to start eliminated, or you will join waiting room, where the timer is stopped.
About Eliminated:

  • Gametype: Deathmatch.
  • Maps: Workshop Chamber.
  • Heroes: All 32 heroes..
  • Players: Min: 2 and Max: 12.

How to play:
--> You get spawned with all players with random heroes and the game starts with a unique countdown for each player, if it reachs 0 seconds you get eliminated from the match, and to survive you need to kill others to increase the timer and to avoid being killed to not decrease it even more.


  • Initial countdown duration: 10 -- 120 seconds (45 sec) (Selected by the owner via worshop settings).
  • Duration added by killing: 0 -- 45 seconds (15 sec) (Selected by the owner via worshop settings)
  • Duration subtracted by dying 0 -- 30 seconds (7 sec) (Selected by the owner via worshop settings)


  • Dying by someone else changes your hero.
  • You can change appearance of the countdown (text hud vs bar hud) via worshop settings
  • New updates will be released soon, and version 1.0 will get released when most bugs are fixed

Known bugs:

  • Nothing! If you see any bug please tell me to fix it.

Future plans:

  • Fixing all bugs mentioned above (before 1.0)
  • Adding new maps: (workshop island and all deathmatch maps)
  • Balance changes: (now, Tanks are overpowered and Supports are weak)
  • More things adds / subtract the timer (Assist, Headshot...)
  • Adding Custom abilities.
  • Your ideas
  • Adding Team deathmatch version of Eliminated.

Eliminated made by NewLink- (PS4) and my Battletag: NewLink#21307, If you tried it tell me in comments if you liked it and if you notice new bugs tell me to fix them, and if you have new ideas / suggestions you want me to add, also if you know how to fix bugs I mentioned don't forget to tell me what I need to do (because I don't most of them).

Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.4



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