♥ Black Hole ♥

Latest Update! "Omega SUCC" Check "https://bit.ly/3ziLvPF" For Patches.

Credits -

Original Concept Creators - Rosen/MercyTraider

Gamemode Creator - ThatOneHook

Basics -

Use your custom abilties and try to survive as long as possible without dying. You can either play aggresive or friendly (aka passive)

Options -

  • General

Additional Growth When Player Dies Inside Black Hole (Default: ON)

Additonal Growth Amount (Default: 3.500 | Range: 0.000 / 10.000)

Knockback Melee (Default: ON)

Melee Impluse If Melee Is On (Default: 15.000 | Range: 0.000 / 50.000)

Pull Resistance Abilties (Default: ON)

Toggle Third Person (Default: OFF)

  • Black Hole

Growth Rate (Default: 0.370 | Range: 0.000 / 10.000)

Pull Rate (Default: 13.000 | Range: 0.000 / 50.000)

Height Growth (Default: OFF)

  • Corridor

Corridor Damage And Stun When Touched (Default: ON)

Corridor Spacing (Default: 9.000 | Range: 5.000 / 50.000)

  • Experimental

Toggle HUD Events (Default: ON)

Info -

Hello! I recently just started to come back and I wanna give a gamemode I worked on already for a very very long time before I even posted it today, it has 7 versions and is my most popular gamemode by far and I think this is (in my opinion) one of the more better black hole versions since the HUD is fixed, different character custom abilties.

Btw some guy decided to post my own gamemode up so I changed the code so people who see this and know about my gamemode already then basically this is the new code, the old one is just nothing besides one thing that says to check the desc of the gamemode.

Message -

Thank y'all for the support on this, I really mean it. I planned on moving on from this account and dropping everything. When I came back ot overwatch, I saw a friend in a game and he was worried I was gone for good. Seeing how much other people cared and loved this gamemode for SO LONG made me wanted to come back and started updating this gamemode again. 10.5 is probably going to be one of the hugest updates as you can tell from what most of the updates were in the patches log. These are the people who gave me motivation to continue: matrix292, RedBear, RainbowStar, helpme (that's the person's real username, don't ask me why it's like that), and lastly the whole community :D

Lastly I wanna make it clear that I already quit working on making more gamemodes on here, I'm only updating this gamemode. My new account is "ThatOneHook" so go to there if you wanna see my new gamemodes. I currently haven't made a much gamemodes cuz of this gamemode. I will eventually work on gamemodes in the future but for now, getting updates out on this gamemode is my priority over other gamemodes.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: V11

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