Tag, You're It


Runner mechanics:

  • Avoid being tagged to score points over time
  • Being chased by a tagger awards 2x points
  • Shoot enemies to slow them down and increase their gravity
  • Reduce an enemy to 1 HP to stun them
  • Melee enemies to knock them back and root them briefly
  • Environmental deaths subtract 3 points from your score

Tagger mechanics:

  • Taggers do not earn points until they tag someone else
  • Taggers gain increased ultimate generation
  • Taggers are highlighted by red auras
  • Taggers have faster respawn and don't lose points from dying
  • Tagging a player stuns them briefly

Game mechanics:

  • Score 100 points to win
  • Hold Interact (F) to swap heroes
  • The number of taggers scales with player count (max of 3)
  • All heroes have faster movement, projectile speed, cooldowns, and higher jump
  • All heroes regenerate 7% max HP per sec.
  • All heroes are unkillable
  • Environmental kills do not award any points
  • Some abilities have been nerfed for balance, such as Lucio's wall ride
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