Unfair's World Tour: Busan


Unfair has invited you to Unfair's World Tour! During this tour, there will be many challanges and enemies you have to fend off! Will you survive the world tour?

Busan Tour (Legendary) - PXF0R

Busan Tour heroes: D.VA, Mei, Lúcio, Symmetra, Torbjörn, and Tracer

You have now arrived at Lijiang Tower, but the Busan Speeder has ran out of power! Capture all of the terminals without being spotted by the Shadow Seekers! After you have captured all of the points, run to the speeder and flee to ilios (if you do escape the nightmare.)

Lijiang Tower Hide & Seek (Legendary) - Coming soon!

Lijiang Tower Tour: D.VA, Mei, Ana, Baptiste, Bastion

Warning! Shadow Runs will always be on Hell difficulty or Burning Hell.
About Shadow Runs: These Shadow Runs will give you more than 4000 points if you win them. These game modes are optional if you're doing the World Tour in order.

Categories | PvE
Heroes | All
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Current version | 0.2 small update


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Update Log (3)

Small Update 0.3
New Duplicate challange added to the game

Update Notes

0.2 update

  1. Fixed turret bug where it wouldn't spawn.
  2. Added new five more difficulty to World Tour Busan.
  3. Added new teleporter to Busan.
  4. You can now complete World Tour Busan.


  1. Fix no defeat bug when a player spawns during the match.
  2. Add the Hide & Seek Shadow Run challange.
World Tour Page Update 0.2
  1. It is now completely public
  2. Corrected misspelled words
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