Bastion Rework v2

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Bastion Rework v2

Small little rework of Bastion I made during some unexpected downtime. If anything works outside of the changelog its probably a bug. Outside of a partial rework thats not possible in the workshop these are some tweaks/ideas I'd like to see experimented with on the hero. Shifting some of Bastion's powerscale from Sentry to both Tank and Recon forms.


Configuration: Tank

  • Move. speed:+30% buff

Configuration: Sentry

  • Damage changed from 7.5 - 15 to 6.5 - 13.

Configuration: Recon

  • New Ability: Scout
    • Bound to Ability 2
    • Targetable (single)
    • Lasts for 5 seconds.
    • Cooldown is 9 seconds.
    • Relays position of tagged enemy during duration.
    • Cannot be used during 'Configuration: Sentry', 'Configuration: Tank' or 'Self-Repair`.

Changes I'd like to implement:

Configuration: Tank

  • Healing no longer initiates 0.25 sec of recovery time when canceling Self-Repair by firing while in Tank Mode.
  • Ultimate exit cast time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.

Configuration: Recon

  • New Ability: Scout
    • While in Configuration: Recon, Bastion gestures Ganymede towards an enemy. Ganymede relays the position of an enemy hero though UI and sounds. If Ganymede can see bastion after the duration it will fly back and reset the cooldown upon arrival.
    • Bound to Ability 2
    • Targetable (single)
    • Lasts for 5 seconds
    • Cooldown is 9 seconds
    • Temporarily relays position of tagged enemy in 1 second interval pings
    • If 'Configuration: Sentry' or 'Configuration: Tank' are used, the ability is instantly ended and locked.
    • If target is in LOS at the end of the duration, the cooldown is reset
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Heroes: Bastion
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