Rein Boss


Rein Boss [FIRST DEAD = BOSS] By


The thingy above says it all, rein boss, first dead version. If you do

use it, have fun playing and good luck!

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Categories | Elimination
Heroes | All
Maps | Necropolis
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 0.1.2


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Update Log

A bug where Sombra was not able to re-place her teleporter due to 24/7 delay was fixed.

Symmetra's ultimate should now work.

Symmetra's ult now adds 25% damage reduction to all teammates. (might be buggy, haven't tested it yet.)

Hey guys,

sorry for not updating this for a while now, I have no idea what to add as updates right now, since it's pretty much finished. I am now gonna upload on the same code "PEX1D", so use this for the newest versions, if I update that is.

I have also reworked the workshop coding, so now anyone who wants to re-do settings, or add more settings, you may be free to do so, since now It's cleaner and won't freeze/crash you.

Moira no longer has her new ult (since it was just for the memes).

hi im back alive woo hoo yea yea

Moira has now a new ult.

Fixed bugs on moira's new ult.

Turned off Echo's glide.

Fixed few bugs.

Fixed more bugs, especially of kinder egg.

Ashe has now 15 amount of ammo, cause we now like her. Long live ashe!

Fixed's kinder egg once more

Ashe has now 1 ammo, cause we never liked ashe.

Changed's impulses after she changed heroes.

Updated code

Fixed minor bugs

Fixed Kinder

Fixed minor bugs.

Kinder is back again, boys!

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