Rein Boss


Rein Boss [FIRST DEAD = BOSS] By


The thingy above says it all, rein boss, first dead version. If you do

use it, have fun playing and good luck!

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Update Log (24)


so as you can read from the latest patch notes, i've recently given up on this game, because of lack of ideas. so i'm giving whoever wishes to add their own thingies the power, and even change the code on this page if I consider the version to be good. christmasful#4647 is my discord, just hmu there if you want to

edit : i'll also try to update the code so it doesn't expire

yo guess what, cant be more bugs for sure

Fixed a bug where zarya would take the speed instead of zenyatta.

even more bugs squished my god.

Fixed a bug where ana could have 30% more speed because I wrote wrong.

Zenyatta now has more speed on hit.

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