[AlaskaWolf] F to upgrade


A Newer 'F' to upgrade

[AlaskaWolf] 'F' to upgrade (or just upgrade) is a completly new version of 'F' to upgrade!

Things that are different

  • New: Hud text won't let you down (Hud text is always visable)
  • Improved/New: New upgrade system/menu
  • New: Players no longer hold 'F' (or the binding for interact) to enter the shop
  • New: Players can Purcase Shield and Armor healthpool
  • Improved: The host player (moderator) can adjust prices of Items in the shop
  • New: Players will have different colored outlines based on their player level
  • Improved: Players who leave will Destroy Hud text They created (apon their joining)
  • New: Health packs will heal players to full health and grant additional armor healthpool
  • New: New "fake" health packs will heal players 1/3 of there max health
  • New: There is now a bank system with interest

New Upgrade System

Players no longer will hold 'f' (or the binding for interact) to access the shop to upgrade
So, how do players upgrade?
There are 3 shops throughout the map (shops are represented by a blue ring and In-world text)
where players can access the upgrade menu (showen on right)

Crystal mine

Unlike most RPG/quest based games, there is a mine that will spawn purple spheres (crystals)
that players can collect by being near one and pressing melee (Note: Players who don't have a melee ability (brigitte,reinhardt) will press primary fire to collect crystals)

Crystal facts

  • Crystals generate slowly, but are worth more (250 defult)
  • It is posiable to get "glitched" crystals (see mine info for workshopers for more information)
  • Crystals might spawn outside of the mine area

Topas mine

[AlaskaWolf] 'F' to upgrade (AlaskaWolf upgrade game) also has a Topas mine (ya, thats a bit unusual).
Like crystals, players will press melee to collect topas when close to one (players without a melee will press
primary fire)

topas mine facts

  • topas generates quickly, but it is worth less (50 defult)
  • It is posiable to get "glitched" topas (see mine info for workshopers for more information)
  • like crystals, topas might spawn outside of the mine area

Reliable HUD text

(If you aren't into the workshop too much, you may not know what this is, so I'll go ahead and say it)
Hud text is the text you see on your screen (example: your Heath amount stat).
This Has a limit of 128 total (Including Text you see In-world, and Hud text)
So, why doesn't Hud & In-world text appear in some other 'f' to upgrades? Hud & In-world text is not conserved in many 'F' to upgrade games, so, as a result, Hud text is nowhere to be found.

"Fake" Health packs

"Fake" health packs are weird-looking, sad-excuses for a real health packs that heal players 1/3 of their total health.
What is the purpose of a "fake" health pack?
Fake health packs were implemented as a way to heal a percentage of a player's max health.
They were also brought into the game in order to account for the long recharge wait on real health packs
( real health packs heal the player all the way, and grant additional armor healthpool (so it needed a long cooldown) )

Player Outlines

You cannot choose your outline color, as outline colors will change depending on a player's level.

Level color
<= 10 White
11-24 Lime green
25-49 Aqua
50-74 Blue
75-99 Purple
100-149 Red
150+ multi-color

Player level

Player level is no longer displayed as the number of points you have on the score bord.
Player level is displayed at the very top of your screen with your hero icon beside it.

The next update

We are currently making a new version of this game.
Here's what is planned:

  • workbench (the idea would be there are 2-3 of these and players could use crystal / topas / (A new material) to craft Items (magic / wepon / New ability items)
  • New mine / material (maybe steel? or ancient componates?)
  • Shop updates (adding new things to buy / adjusting defult prices)
  • All deathmatch maps (we are planning to add all deathmatch maps)
  • crystal bug fix (crystals can get bugged, so we're implementing a way to time how long each crystal has been out so that a player cannot pick up a crystal / topas before the effect was created.
  • maybe adding a placable base were a player can spawn and switch their hero. (Most likly not going to happen)
  • turning off kill feed when a player is in the shop (kill feed moves the Hud text shop around and its a little distracting)

Mine info for workshopers

The mine system is based on arrays, the position of the cystal array, and the effect ID of the crystal array.

However, even known this works really well, it can get bugged 😫😭.
I will fix this bug on the next update by adding a short timer so crystals can't be mined before the effects are created.
If you're interested, Here's a snippet of the code for creating the crystals;

        12: CrystalMineCenter
        13: CrystalMineRadius
        14: CrystalMineLimit
        15: CrystalArray
        16: CrystalEffectIDArray

        1: CrystalFragments
        2: CrystalID
        15: CrystalEffectStart

rule("Create crystals")
        Ongoing - Global;

        Count Of(Global.CrystalArray) < Global.CrystalMineLimit;

        Modify Global Variable(CrystalArray, Append To Array, Nearest Walkable Position(Vector(X Component Of(Global.CrystalMineCenter)
            + Random Real(0 - Global.CrystalMineRadius, Global.CrystalMineRadius), Y Component Of(Global.CrystalMineCenter) + Random Real(
            0 - Global.CrystalMineRadius, Global.CrystalMineRadius / 2), Z Component Of(Global.CrystalMineCenter) + Random Real(
            0 - Global.CrystalMineRadius, Global.CrystalMineRadius))));
        Play Effect(All Players(All Teams), Ring Explosion, Purple, Last Of(Global.CrystalArray), 2);
        Play Effect(Filtered Array(All Players(All Teams), Distance Between(Current Array Element, Global.CrystalMineCenter)
            <= Global.CrystalMineRadius + 3), Ring Explosion Sound, Purple, Last Of(Global.CrystalArray), 80);
        Create Effect(All Players(All Teams), Sphere, Purple, Last Of(Global.CrystalArray), 0.500, None);
        Modify Global Variable(CrystalEffectIDArray, Append To Array, Last Created Entity);
        Wait(5, Ignore Condition);
        Loop If Condition Is True;

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Current version | 1.0 beta


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