Overwatch Health Recreated


Overwatch Health, recreated in workshop.
It's main purpose is to manipulate Health values otherwise unaccessible (Armor, Shields, Temporary Armor, Temporary Shields and abilities related to those)
as well as the way they function (When do shields regenerate, how much armor does Rally give, when does it decay etc)
Take it in your workshop and rework heroes to your own taste and preference.
Want give Mei 50 Heatlh 200 Shields? go for it! tired of Brigitte's 50 Armor? Remove it all together!
Want Lucio to give temporary shields while speed boosting? Why wait!
(Sigma, Echo and Tracer are unavailable due to coding issues related to their abilities. Additionally includes Old Repair Pack but it's off by default.)

The freedom is yours.

My mod - Your creativity.


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Update Log


PATCH 0.2.0

General Changes:

  • Added an ability to choose if a certain hero can or cannot heal.
  • Added an ability to chose if a certain hero can or cannot damage.
  • Added Tracer.
  • Added Echo.
  • Added an ability to manually manage Damage Taken and Healing Taken for individual heroes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Inconsistency with Echo!D.Va and D.Va health.


  • Changed Code version to before 1.0.0 to properly illustrate the state of the code.


General Changes:

  • Add Kinetic Grasp ability and make Sigma accessible by default.

Hero Specific:

  • Make Sombra's EMP remove Shield and Shield+ healthpools.

Known Issues

  • Sombra's EMP instantly kills certain heroes.



  • Add an ability to turn off any healing dealt by a hero.
  • Add an ability to turn off any damage dealt by a hero.
  • Turn Global Variables (Damage Dealt / Healing Dealt) into Player Variables for every hero.

Hero Specific:

  • Add Recall ability for Tracer and make her accessible by default.
  • Fix last Echo related issues and make her accessible by default.
  • Add Kinetic Grasp ability for Sigma and make him accessible by default.


  • D.Va's health becomes inconsistent under certain conditions.
  • When duplicating D.Va, Echo's healthpool becomes highly inconsistent.
  • Armor reduces damage dealt by Beam and Area of Effect abilities.
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