A Different Overwatch

I changed every hero in a way that makes then fun (besides Hanzo because haha), and I hope you like it.

This consists of 80+ workshop rules, so it might lag a little loading in :)

If you plan on playing this on an actual PvP match, go ahead and remove the respawn timer and change the mode and map to whichever you like :) (it's on Practice Range)

Patch 1.1: Brigitte Damage Changed back to 100% after ulting due to other heroes doing more damage whenever switched off of Brigitte after ulting.
Patch 1.2: Added cooldown for Lucio's crossfade (2 seconds) and enabled Amp It Up.
Patch 1.3: Doomfist and McCree Health set back to 250/225 due to when switching the effect would carry on, making the heroes health less that wasn't McCree.
Patch 1.4: Set to where you can't switch while Baptiste's Amplification Matrix is active.
Patch 1.5: Ashe's Coach Gun knocks Ashe back, but it deals 215% more damage, and slows down time for 0.75 seconds.
Patch 1.5.1: McCree goes slow motion every time he reloads to make him reload slower. His ultimate slows time by 25% and it will slow down the whole game. I'm still considering removing this, this might be too game breaking, but we'll see how everyone wants it to be.
Patch 1.8: A new bunch of changes were added to our favorite heroes! Reworks such as Echo, Sombra, D.Va, Sigma, Symmetra, Hanzo, Ana, Zenyatta and others! Have fun!
Patch 2.0 (Huge Update): Disabled Sigma for bug fixing his ultimate. Reinhardt charge faster but was shortened to 2.5 seconds of a duration. Symmetra's damage reduced by 25%, and I'm working on an ability to replace Symmetra's turret. Added starting cooldown to mobility characters when spawned (not all) (like Hammond's Grapple CD). Echo Tri-Shot ammo reduced from 15 to 10, damage increased by 15%.
Sombra Rework: I aimed at the Overwatch 2 changes, I added one similar thing like the cooldown reduction, and made it to where you have 2 seconds of invincibility whenever you're in stealth and hack. Whenever Sombra hacks, the game slows down by 65% while hacking is being used.
Baptiste Passive: Shooting Baptiste's secondary fire will now heal Baptiste for 25 hp/shot, and 50 hp/shotwhen his ultimate is activated.
Orisa Rework: Using Fortify will damage you by 150. Whenever Supercharger is activated, it now heals you at a speed of 50 hp/sec.
Zenyatta Passive: Similar to Baptiste, Zenyatta will heal 10 hp/shot when using Zenyatta's Primary Fire.
Increased Lucio's Soundwave Knockback, cooldown increased from 6 to 10.
Increased Moira's damage per second to 87 hp/sec.
Increased Roadhog's Scrap Gun ammo from 6 to 8, and decreased the knockback of Whole Hog to deal more damage with the cost of pushing enemies.
Decreased Hammond's movement speed by 25%.
All heroes increased size by 35%.
Hanzo: Disabled Storm Arrows
Pharah: Ultimate Charge when cancelling ult reduced from 33% to 25%.
Soldier 76: Increased ultimate duration so you can fully shoot 2 times and have a ready mag for when you no longer have Tactical Visor activated (as long as you don't use abilities).
Widowmaker: Added slow effect whenever she grapples for 2 seconds.
Brigitte: Disabled Shield Bash, but using the shield will make you move faster, and on a 6 second cooldown.
D.Va Spawn Bug Fix: D.Va when spawned on the training partner would summon her as "Baby Form". Now it should be D.Va in mech form spawning everytime for the training partner.
Health pack respawn rate reduced by 25%.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: All
Created At:
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Version: 1.0



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