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Created by epfpower. Use deflect to go into the void for 8 seconds. Your vision is impaired, but you can see well enough. You will also be invisible and take no damage. Use your ult to summon a teleporter with a lot of health. You can then teleport between two places infinitely or until the teleporter is destroyed. You have 6 shurikens and can still double jump and climb walls. Please try it out and see if you can find any bugs. Thanks!

Update: I've now added Bangalore and Gibraltar to the game.

Bangalore: Passive ability gives her extra speed when she is shot at. Her first ability makes a cloud of smoke around her. Her ult sends out a D.Va bomb.

Gibraltar: His first ability creates a barrier. His ult is [still in progress].

Maps | King's Row
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Current version | 1.0

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Ha that's pretty awesome. The effect makes navigating some buildings a little tricky, but it looks super cool nonetheless. I do wish I could cancel it for suprise attacks, but perhaps that would make it too strong.

Great job!



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