Evolution No Rebirth


Description: In this mod you fight to get xp and lvls and become stronger.
1)Random hero every 10 lvls.
2)At every 5&10 lvl you can take Upgrade.
3)Max lvl is 100.
4)Every damage or kill give you xp.
5)At max lvl you can chane hero hold F(Interact) with full hp.
6)Once every 10 lvl you can change again to another random hero Hold F(Interact) 2 second.
7)if you stuck you can hold Q+Ctrl+space/ult+crouch+jump to kill yourself also it's fix many popular bugs.
8)Host of lobby can turn on/off random events by pressing E+R+F+Right-click / ability 2+reload+Interact+Second attack.
9)Host of lobby can turn on/off wintrigger when someone get max lvl match will end hold q+f+lc+rc / ult+Interact+Primary attack+Second attack.
10)Host of lobby can turn on/off advice message by holding F+R+Space / Interact+reload+jump
11)in first rule can change var to true/false to turn on/off rebirth.
V20200728, 7 maps support, Created by Klinok#2203.


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