Colosseum ⚔️ WIP ⚔️

Fight for glory in a mostly melee free for all, you can choose from 10 different style of brutal pit fighters consisting of Knights, Beasts, and Warriors of all kinds.
All fighters can double jump and regain health when they kill.
Optional third person camera implemented, code stolen from Mornedil (their code is TCQ42, press interact while crouching to enable)

Hero Descriptions:

Ashe (The Outlaw): Cannot use her normal gun but instead her main tool is her shotgun, knockback is reduced tremendously but has increased damage. Dynamite goes off faster than before and Bob comes up almost regularly to be tagged In and set up for a kill

Brigitte (The Successor): Why make major changes to a character who was already built for brawling? Though she has given up some of her self healing to give other lowly fighters a chance

Genji (The Ninja): Cannot use his primary fire but instead uses his secondary, allowing him to still poke while still encouraging up close combat. The skillful cyborg will soon earn a triple jump once the creator gets a bit better at coding

Doom fist (The Tyrant): Though he does not have his primary, he was already built to be a colosseum champion

Lucio (The Bard): The speedy self healing music man can only attack with a boop and a punch. Combine these with his incredible mobility and you have one of the hardest champions to catch
(The double jump resets whenever you touch the ground, and wallriding counts as touching the ground. Use this as you please)

Mercy (The Valkyrie): This Valkyrie is the biggest glass canon in the ring, she punches hard and a it only takes a few of them to give her ult. Allowing her to fly and bring her health back up, use this to escape a bad situation or chase down your victims and show them that there’s no escape from you
(I plan on changing how she functions in the future and I’m open to suggestions on such changes so please leave ideas if you’d like, this can go for any character you see might have issues with their design)

Reinhardt (The Knight): The chivalrous Champion himself, this battering ram of a man was built to rule in the ring. Though he has no team behind his back, his shield still has his own. Bringing up his shield will regain him small amounts of health (it has no cool down, use as you please. Just try not to get your shield broken though)

Roadhog (The Wastelander): The one man apocalypse does not have access to his secondary fire and his heals himself less considerably. Though with his big build and powerful gun, he’s bound to hook em and waste em, plus with the knock back reduced on his ult. He’ll give em hell when they’re taking every bullet
(Working on a change to where his inhaler gives him a slight damage boost, expect that in the future)

Torbjorn (The Viking): Its not the size of the hammer but how fast you swing it. The mechanical genius has gotten himself all worked up and is the fastest moving fighter in the ring. With a minimum of ten good swings to turn up the heat with the molten core, he’s a powerful and agile force to fight
(we tried having the turret be part of his kit but it had too much range, it came back up too quickly, and it was too much of a hassle to change everything around it to balance it out. Which is why we brought in Ashe in Bob in the first place)

Winston (The Explorer): The gorilla from another plant has come down to the colosseum to bring a catastrophic amount of damage. Hitting harder than an asteroid and holding nothing back, he’s perfect for chasing down any coward who dares to run. With Winston on edge, he’s more than willing to burst out onto you
(Potential change to make for being inside his shield will give him a damage boost, not sure how to implement this yet but it’s in the works)

Some extra notes:
This is my first time attempting the workshop so sorry if it’s not the best. I believe some of the best maps to play on are the Ilios maps and you should check out which ones you like the best. You are of course allowed to change which maps are on, and I even suggest switching the modes and trying a medieval mode style game. Just have as much fun with it as you can and I’d love to hear your ideas for making it funner for everyone.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, Ashe, Doomfist, and 5 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: Version 1.0

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