Mercy Superjump Tutorial & Trainer! (NSTT)

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Welcome to Niandra's Superjump Tutorial & Trainer - or NSTT!


  • KEY PRESSES ON HUD! If Crouch, GA and/or Jump are currently being pressed, you will know via UI in the top left corner.
  • AUTOMATED JUMPS! The game can do the jumps for you, and also works with the key presses above so you can really figure out the timing
  • TOGGLE SLOW MOTION! Slow motion can be toggled on and off via the melee key, and it also works during the automated jumps
  • TOGGLE THIRD-PERSON Third person view can be toggled by reload and also works during the automated jumps to really see how it works
  • FREE PLAY As well as modes for automated jumps, you've got Free Play which spawns a few bots in an arena which you can use to superjump, superjump rez, Valkyrie superjump and more!
  • FREE PLAY STATS While Free Play is active, your heighest altitude, longest time since touching the floor and number of successful Superjump Rezzes in a row will be tracked!
  • * SJ DIAGNOSTIC TOOL You can attempt a Superjump and the gamemode will then give feedback on why it's not working!
Categories: Practice Mode
Heroes: Mercy
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Last updated:
Current version: 0.9

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