A Different Overwatch

I changed every hero in a way that makes them fun (maaaaybe), and I hope you like it.

This consists of 170+ workshop rules, so it might lag a little loading in :)

A Different Overwatch Patch 2.7: Return of the DPS

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have opened up a form where you can put your own suggestions for the gamemode! Here's the form and I'll do my best to get them looked at and considered. Link: https://forms.gle/2DQDtsNF62UihH3C6


Overall damage nerfed by 20%.

Ultimate is now immediate, and grants you 350 permanent health, meaning that you will have to lose the health. This can be stacked with multiple ultimates.

Transforming into Nemesis Form now only heals for 150 instead of 300. Ravenous Vortex Cooldown decreased from 18 seconds to 7 seconds.

Charge speed reduced by 20%, fire strike projectile speed reduced by 50%. Reinhardt barrier redeploy cooldown added, 3 seconds.

Hyperspheres no longer drag down enemies. Ultimate doesn't apply the hacked effect anymore, and applies a short 0.25 second stun.

Damage per shot reduced from 150 to 100.


If Ashe is on fire, she will heal for 25 HP/second. This applies to enemy effects as well.

Echo now gains 35% of damage done from her Focus Beam.

Damage values reverted back to normal, health increased from 200 to 230.

Projectile speed increased by 100%. Dragonstrike starts faster. Sonic Arrow cooldown reduced from 22 seconds to 18 seconds. Storm Arrows cooldown reduced from 20 to 13. Lunge cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.

Total projectile speed increased by 50%.

Using Blizzard instantly freezes anyone in it's radius for the duration.

Hellfire Shotguns ammo increased from 10 to 12.

Heal damage boost reduced from 150% to 125% of the original values (-25% from recent patch).


Swift Step cooldown decreased from 12 to 10 seconds. Protection Suzu cooldown decreased from 21 seconds to 10 seconds. No longer 1 shots while nano boosted. Kunai ammo set to 20, Healing Ofuda set to 14. Projectile speed increased by 19%.


How do you test these changes?

I test these changes by 2 ways. Using the hardest difficulty of bots, and gathering friends who are equal in skill to test the changes out. If you would like to be a tester before patches release, please let me know in the comments. :)

Can Sigma really fly indefinitely?

Yes, unless you press your Reload button which sets you to normal gravity. Pressing your Interact (or Punch) button will reallow you to fly.

For all workshop coded ultimates, whenever you ult right before a round ends, it carries over to the next round. Do you have a fix coming?

Unfortunately I have not figured this one out yet. I'm sure it will come to mind soon but in the meantime, try not to ult right before a game ending.

How do I set this up to be against my friends in a real game?

Simple! Just press Escape, go to Show Lobby, then the Custom Game Settings, click Modes, and turn on all the modes you would like. Next go to maps and click all (or the maps you would like to select). Then you go to Modes again and disable Practice Range, and exit and go to the Custom Game Settings Lobby and tune the amount of players you would like in the game as well as the respawn time scalar at the bottom. The higher the % the longer it takes! https://youtu.be/RMLzUR-iv8k

How often do updates come along?

Probably once every 2-3 weeks, I need time to make quality updates to the game.

You do realize that some characters are blatantly broken, like Sigma, right?

Yes, but that's the fun of it. If you would like to disable the characters or tune them, feel free to do so in Custom Game Settings in Heroes. To disable characters, click Hero Roster. To update heroes, click on their name outside of the Hero Roster.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, and 30 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.45



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