The Sphere


Welcome to "The Sphere". In this gamemode, you must avoid exiting the sphere, but knock other players out of the sphere. Heroes that don't automatically deal knockback get custom abilities to allow them to kill players. If you are out of the Sphere, you will take damage until you die or get back in the Sphere.

There are also some extra things to spice up the game


Power-Ups are items that will spawn in the sphere. You can pick them up, and they give off a good effect to you.

You can change:

  • Rate of spawning
  • Max power ups
  • What power-ups are allowed

These are the power-ups you can earn:

  • Invincibility
  • Invisibility
  • Speed
  • Immune to knockback
  • Small Speed Boost
  • Grant 50 health
  • Grant 100 health
  • Grant 150 health
  • Grant all health
  • Fake power up (will stun you, push you backwards, and damage you slightly)

Those are all of the power-ups I have so far, but I'm planning to add more.


events are things that change how the round plays. They appear at the start of a round and last the entire round.

You can change:

  • chance for one occurring
  • what events are enabled

These are the types of events you can get:

  • Complete chaos - players can deal damage to each other
  • Deadly - The Sphere is an insta-kill
  • Small Sphere - the Sphere shrinks 2X faster than regular
  • Think, Fast! - If dealing no knockback for 5 seconds, you instantly die.
  • Watch Out! - Everyone is partially blinded by an effect in the way.

That's all I have for the events, but I plan to add more.

Hazard Domes

A hazard dome is a small sphere that spawns close to the center of the sphere. If you step inside one, you start to take damage, so watch out!

You can change:

  • The fact that they are enabled
  • The max amount of Hazard Domes per round
  • The max size per hazard dome

Deadly event does impact hazard domes, too, so be cautious!

Bounce Pads

Bounce pads automatically spawn in the Sphere, and stepping on one will lift you, as well as destroying the pad.
This may come in handy, but it could also be a trap...

You can change:

  • The fact that bounce pads are enabled
  • The fact that bounce pads destroy when bounced on
  • The max amount of bounce pads per round
  • The max size per bounce pad
  • The jump height per jump pad

This is all I have for my gamemode so far, but I plan to add more, soon! I hope you enjoy this gamemode I brought to you :)


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