Overwatch 2 6v6 mode

Overwatch 2 functional 6v6

This is my approach to a OW2 with a 6v6 format with changes that makes like in the PvP stream but with a fine twist, with Heroes in the wrong role, a little bit less healing and barriers are almost gone, you will feel a new experience. A weird one.

Is more oriented to Scrims or Stacked groups and not an open custom game, however I hope you enjoy this version of Overwatch and the changes I suggest.

I will come back for a bug fix or adjustment to the mode but the code will be the same…

The positions of the players on the teams for the mode to work:

-Positions 1/2: Tank

-Positions 3/4: Dps

-Positions 5/6: Support





-OW2 Role Passives added

-Players per team is back to 6v6

-Doomfist and Mei now are tanks

-Echo and Sombra now are support /Update: Widowmaker is also included in the support role/

-When you heal with a health pack, all your abilities on cooldown are ready:Visual

Damage role: Visual

:Dinamite cooldown increase, ammo increase, B.O.B time increase, coach gun (enemy and self) push back changed

:Health pool adjustment (150 health and armor), ammo increased, secondary fire healing decreased and time increase, change to sentry mode will leap bastion, swap time between recon and sentry mode decreased, Tank mode: time, speed and jump height increased, passive reduction damage increased {/update: firering in sentry mode, put the victim on fire for knowing whos being shot/

: ammo increased, deflect restart with kills, being in the air give a speed increased, while in Dragonblade you can spam deflect

: being on the ground restarts the cooldown of leap, storm arrows increased, leap distance increased, speed climbing walls increased

: ammo increased, health reduced

: flashbang distance and cooldown changed, health reduced, if kill with headshot flasbang restores

: Health pool adjustment (100 health and armor), being on the ground restarts the cooldown of “rockets jump”, being on the air give speed increase

: Shadow step reloads weapons, wraith form gives a “tipe of flight” while press jump and persist even the ability ended if you keep holding jump {/update: wraith form gives invisibility while active/

: Damage increase, Rocket Helix cooldown decreased, Biotic field healing increased and cooldown decreased

: Teleporter cooldown reduced, sentry turret cooldown decreased, damaging with either primary and secondary fire give her 5 of non-recoverable shields (75 max/ 300 health pool max)

: Health pool adjustment (125 health/100 armor= 225 total), Overload armor pool adjustment (from 150 to 175= 400 health while overload), Overload cooldown increased

: Blink cooldown decreased, kill blows or use pulse bomb reloads ammo

Tank Role: Visual

: OW2 changes except for barrier: health reduced to 1000 and healing reduces 50%

: OW2 changes applied, barriers health reduced

: OW2 Changes applied, Primal Rage Health values adjusted: creates up to 1500 max health while 90% of it is non-recoverable armor, damage and knockback while ult increased

: Health pool adjustment (400 health / 200 armor), Matrix duration and recharge changed, Boosters Speed increased, Micro Missiles cooldown decreased, Healing received while pilot form increased

: Ammo increased, speed and jump height while Fortify increased, fortify full reloads weapon, Barrier health-duration-cooldown decreased

: ammo increased, damage while WholeHog increased, while using Take-a-Breather all characters nerby gets +10% heal receive by 2secs

: Health pool adjustment (275 health / 125 shield), Barrier health and healing reduced, now you can spam barrier, general projectile speed and damage reduced, Grasp shield gained decreased, gravity decreased

: Health pool adjustment (150 health / 350 armor = 500 total), damaging in ball form while using Adaptive Shields adds non-recoverable but permanent 75 shields per hitmarker but this actually counts to get ultimate charge, while in Ball form gets 50% damage receive, Pile drive cooldown reduced

: ammo recovery time decreased, overall damage reduced, all cooldowns are 4.5 secs, health pool increased, maximum health pool via The Best Defense (passive) up to 600 (225 max Shields), while charging Rocket Punch jump height increased to 500% for 0 rollouts but those are still possible, Meteor Strike pulls to the center of the circle of impact people on 8.5 metters, scale model increased 15%

: Health pool increased, Criofreeze healing increased, Ammo, freezing time and time required to freeze someone increased, scaled model increased 15%

Support Role: Visual

: damage decreased, Shield Bash cooldown increased and resets as get a kill blow but no elimination, Whip Shot cooldown increased and heals 30hp instant, Inspire has been completely reworked: instead of a fixed amount of healing, now every time you damage someone you create 2 types of healings (Instant healing <7 allies and 5 self> and overtime healing <5 per sec on 2sec allies and 2.5 per sec on 1.5sec self> ) on a 20m radius that can be stacked if you hit multiple times and multiple enemies and Repair pack as being disabled and replaced with “Second Air” what creates a pulse that heals 60hp instant and has 12sec of cooldown

: Ammo increased, Sleep dart time and cooldown reduced

: primary fire and secondary fire ammo adjustments, overall healing reduced 40%, Regenerative aura cooldown reduced, Immortality field cooldown increased, when the healing rounds are 0 regenerative burst resets and fires instantly but with more cooldown

: while using the staff on an alley she receives -10% of damage and nerby allies gets +7% heals recieve, Guardian Angel and Resurrect cooldown decreased, while in Valkyrie resurrect affects all dead allies nerby 20m and she heals 250 per second while casting and its 4sec cooldown, in the air gets speed increase, Caduceus Blaster becomes a hitscan in Valkyrie

: In speed song allies and Lúcio gets more jump height and in heal song allies receive +7% and Lúcio +10% heal receive, during Amp It Up the jump height increase is of the 50% and the healing increased is of the 25% and the songs get the base passive of the opposite song (jump height on heal song and heal receive on speed song)

: Health pool decrease, orbs of damage and heal scaled 200% and speed increase but cooldown increased as well, jump height during Fade increased and cooldown decreased, while Coalescence she can “Fly” however it is not as good as mercy´s or echo´s (0 gravity and press crouch or jump to go up or down), if she heal whit a health pack her biotic energy gets full

: Health pool increased, ammo increased, while charging secondary fire he gets a speed increase, now he can float for 2sec while pressing space, healing while Transcendence increased

: Beam damage increased but also cooldown increase, Sticky Bombs cooldown increased, speed while in the air increased, projectile speed increased, damaging nearby Echo heals you a 7th part of the damage dealt

: Health pool decreased, damage decreased 20%, Stealth speed, jump height and damage receive increased but cooldown decreased, Hack cooldown its one second on health packs, Hack not only target a hacked enemy through the walls, now damaging a hacked enemy will heal the twice of damage dealt and if you eliminate it, the cooldown resets

: cooldowns deacreased, when their allies don´t reicive damage for 2sec, start a healing overtime just for a limited amount of time but is very powerfull in a short amount of time

Hope you enjoy…

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: All
Maps: Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, Route 66, and 11 more...
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.2

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