Lifes Murder Mystery

If you are innocent watch out for traitors! Your goal is to kill them all, but be careful, if you hit another innocent, you end up killing yourself. If you are a traitor, you and your teammates have to kill all the innocents before the timer runs out. MELEE to kill. Don't randomly guess who the traitor is (RDMing). Don't expose the traitor after you have died (Ghosting). Don't try to get a fellow innocent to hit you in order to get sparkles (Sparklebaiting).


Your hometown and its civilians were attacked by a group of terrorists. The mayor and his plainclothes detectives were murdered on the day of the scene. A riot from the townspeople will break out unless the perpetrators are brought to justice. You discovered the terrorists have all been injected with Epinephrine, allowing them to swiftly secure their kills with ease. It is now your job to save the town from these terrorists before they kill all the civilians while they are in a blind rage. Solve the case before it is too late!

As an innocent, your goal is to figure out who the traitors are and either eliminate or hide from them until the timer runs out. To defend yourself, you have access to abilities and your melee. Be careful, most abilities do not kill. Instead, use these to gain the upper hand in 1v1 combat. Identifying traitors can be tricky. Instead of punching someone for being suspicious, try looking out for burning bodies, they can indicate whether the person you suspect may be traitor.

As a traitor, your goal is to eliminate all innocents before the timer runs out. You can have up to four teammates, which you can identify by viewing players with a green arrow over their head. Traitors have more stamina than innocents so you can eventually catch up to them if they choose to run. Traitors can use their abilities to help secure kills or to gain the upper hand in 1v1 combat. When eliminating an innocent, their body will start burning before they eventually die. Be careful when eliminating innocents because witnesses will kill you if they see the flames near your current position.

An innocent player can get sparkles by eliminating a traitor or when one of your fellow innocents happens to punch you. Sparkles are a way of identifying if someone is proven innocent. Do not try tricking your teammates into thinking you are the traitor to get sparkles, it is against the rules!


Now that you are familiar with the roles, let us discuss the rules!

You may not:



Sparkle bait

RDM means “Random Death Match.” Randomly killing other players in hopes of getting the traitor is referred as “RDMing.” This makes the game unfun for other players and would get you kicked from the lobby.

Ghosting refers to people that reveal who the traitor is after they have died. Once you are hit by a traitor and currently on fire, you are dead and cannot say who killed you. It is a mystery, after all!

Sparkle baiting is when you try to get other innocents to hit you so you can get sparkles. It is unethical and makes the game unfun for the victim.


All players have a stamina bar and a super jump meter at the top left corner of their screen. To sprint, you will need to hold your interact button. The default interact button is F. To super jump, you will need to hold your crouch button. The longer you hold crouch, the higher the percentage will go, until it caps at 100% for max super jump height. These abilities are useful for engaging or disengaging from combat.


  • Grenade prevents people from using sprint.

  • Sleep dart has a 3 second duration.

  • Coach gun can boop people.

  • Dynamite slows and prevents people from sprinting.

  • Super jump charges faster.

  • Landing on people’s heads deals damage.

  • Regenerative burst makes players around you float.

  • Can float while using repair.

  • Turret Configuration transforms you into an airplane.

  • Melee is disabled.

  • Can kill with whip shot.

  • Shield bash stuns enemies.

  • Flashbang gives enemy blindness.

  • Deadeye grants a speed boost but deals no damage.

  • Combat Roll grants invinicibility for a very short duration.

  • Gun has one bullet per round.

  • Can reload gun after getting a kill.

  • Uppercut cannot kill.

  • Seismic slam cannot kill.

  • Meteor strike does not kill.

  • Rocket punch can kill. Maximum travel distance is halved.

  • Can fly.

  • Focusing beam pushes people away.

  • Cannot melee for a moment after using dash.

  • Cannot melee for a moment after using deflect.

  • Dash does not deal damage and does not recharge after a kill.

  • Can kill with sonic arrow.

  • Can lunge.

  • Gets ultimate that launches 3 dragons that knockback at the 1-minute mark.

  • Concussion mine does not kill.

  • Steel trap stuns enemies.

  • Rip-tire does not kill.

  • Can wallride, but has a resource that needs to be recharged by staying on the ground for a brief period.

  • Can boop.

  • Character size is 150% larger.

  • Ice block launches you in the direction you are looking.

  • Has ice wall.

  • Ultimate slows people, but doesn’t freeze them.

  • Has one bullet per round and does not recharge after a kill.

  • Guardian angel launches you in the direction you are looking.

  • Cannot melee for a moment after using fade.

  • Damage orb slows people.

  • Invincible while using fortify but cannot melee.

  • Has faster sprint but less stamina.

  • Ultimate launches nearby players upward.

  • Crouching while in the air causes you to jolt down.

  • Ultimate pushes people away from you.

  • Gains a speed boost after using teleport.

  • Melee recharges every 5 seconds.

  • Charge can be cancelled by pressing the ability again.

  • Can shatter people at the 1-minute mark.

  • Can move faster while using breather.

  • Ultimate has increased knockback.

  • Rock can kill

  • Flux throws people upward.

  • Slower movement speed.

  • Sprint makes up for slower movement speed

  • Rockets have a slower projectile speed but can kill.

  • Healing station pushes nearby players in random directions.

  • Invisibility lasts for 6 seconds before you are uncloaked.

  • Cannot melee for a moment after uncloaking.

  • Hacking grants sparkles to innocents and nothing to traitors.

  • Pressing reload allows you to break your translocator.

  • Faster base speed.

  • Turrets slow down enemies.

  • Has one bullet per round.

  • Ultimate swaps your position with the person you are looking at.

  • Melee rate is faster while using overload.

  • Ultimate projectiles are placed beneath you.

  • Can blink once after all three blinks are recharged.

  • Venom mine slows and prevents people from using sprint.

  • Jump pack deals knockback.

  • Smaller in size.

  • Using shields near a player turns you into that player for a brief period.

  • Ultimate kills.

  • Can melee while using personal bubble.

  • Projected bubble can push people away from you.

  • Ultimate makes you levitate upward.

  • Has one bullet per round.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 5.0.0


Crouch + Jump
Super Jump
Super Jump
Super Jump
Super Jump
Super Jump



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