Dead By Daylight / Rein Vs Mercy (MIX) Beta version

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Hello! This is a game just like Rein Vs Mercy but with DBD objective.

Team Mercy :
-> Heal the monkeys fully to wake them up (minimum of 3 over 4)
-> Run away from Rein to not get killed
-> Rez other Mercys in the Graveyard
-> Escape in Safe Zone once the door is open.

Team Reinhard :
-> Stop the Mercys from healing the monkeys.
-> Kill them at sight and stop prevent them from getting rez in the Graveyard area.
-> Use your Fire Strike ability to hurt and hack the Mercys
-> Stop the Mercys from escaping in the Safe Zone once the door is open.

Main Idea/ Scores :

  • When (3) monkeys are fully healed, they wake up and it activates the payload. The payload will open the door in order to escape.
  • Once Mercy makes it to Safe Zone, there is no coming back but she has scored a point for her team. A mininum of 4 points for Team Mercy is needed to win.
  • For Team Reinhard to win, there needs to be less then 3 Mercys in the Safe Zone when the game time reaches zero.
  • To draw, 3 Mercys only in Safe Zone.
  • If a Mercy didn't make it to the Safe Zone in time, the Invible Reaper will kill her.

Details :
-> Mercy can use the Mystery Orb to get at random one of the three buffs (100% ult charge, Heals over time for 10 secondes or Stun for 5 secondes.)
-> Mercy's heal, flight and rez have a higher cooldown then usual to help Rein chase them more easy.

Have Fun!!

Categories: Survival
Heroes: Reinhardt, Mercy
Maps: Eichenwalde
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1

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