Dead by Daylight - Remastered


  • Complete 5 generators as survivor to power the Exit Gates
  • Escape through the Exit Gates to win
  • Survivors can heal by standing next to each other
  • As Killer, eliminate over half the Survivor team to win
  • Press Interact to pick up downed survivors and carry them to hooks
  • Hooking a survivor subtracts 60 seconds from their bleedout timer
  • Press Interact to hide inside or check lockers
  • Each killer is similar to one found in Dead by Daylight, see below:
  • Each survivor has two unique perks, see below:

List of Survivor / Hero perk combinations:
Soldier: Sprint Burst / Urban Evasion (3 sec speed boost, 100% move speed while crouched)
Genji: Dead Hard / Unbreakable (can revive himself once per match from the dying state)
Mercy: Self Care / We'll Make It (Mercy can dash to injured teammates) Lightweight / Boil Over (lower gravity and melee attacks knock up the killer)
Widowmaker: Stake Out / Quick and Quiet (enters and exits lockers faster)
Mccree: Object of Obsession / Balanced Landing (Look in the killer's direction to reveal both players)
Moira: Flashlight / Adrenaline (Moira's ultimate can blind the killer)
Sombra: Spine Chill / Dance with Me (entering a window turns Sombra invisible for a time)
Mei: Pallet (Ice Wall) / Head On (exit a locker after 3 seconds to stun a nearby killer)
Ana: Empathy / Hemo Syringe (empathy reveals killer location when an ally is injured)
Hanzo: Sonar Arrow / Decisive Strike (stuns the killer on second pickup)
Tracer: Lithe / Firecracker (pulse bomb blinds the killer. Run through windows for speed)
Junkrat: Diversion / Deliverance (mines force the killer to face backwards)
Reaper: No Mither (only hooks can kill Reaper. Stay still while downed to recover health)
Torbjorn: Iron Will / Saboteur (no injured noises, can destroy hooks by standing in them)
Ashe: Borrowed Time / Camaraderie (unhooking allies grants invincibility. Has 25% extra bleedout time)
Brigitte: Kindred / For the People (reveals the killer when they're close to a hooked ally)
Zarya: Solidarity / Mettle of Man (shield regens when near allies. After 3 hits, the 4th deals no damage)
Echo: Off the Record / Distortion (enables Flight after being unhooked, turns invisible when in killer's LoS)

List of Killer / Hero combinations:
Brigitte = Huntress (hold right click to wind up Whipshot)
Reinhardt = Hillbilly (hold right click to chainsaw sprint, let go to stop mid-charge)
Lucio = Legion (attacks during speed boost apply Deep Wounds)
Reaper = Spirit (hold right click to phasewalk. Everyone is invisible during Wraith Form)
Junkrat = Trapper
Roadhog = Leatherface (Roadhog's ultimate deals no damage beyond 5 meters)
Genji = Myers (hold M2 to stare at survivors and gain ult charge)
Moira = Ghostface (can only stalk while invisible. Survivors can reveal Ghostface by looking at him)
Sigma = Wraith (Kinetic Grasp toggles invisibility. Can't deal damage while invisible)
Ashe = Deathslinger (Shoot enemies while zoomed in to spear them, M2 to reel them in)
Soldier = Pig (Hold M2 to ambush, press Ultimate on downed survivors for RBT)
Mei = Clown (Right click to throw bottles at survivors and slow them, deals no damage)
Tracer = Nurse (Right click to blink. Hold it longer to teleport further)

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this game is awesome thank you for making it
luv ur content on youtube too

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