Advanced chill or kill



Advanced chill or kill is a reinvented chill or kill with mini games and Hero switch spots (see Hero
switch spots for more info)

Mini games
*note: new mini games will be added on next update

  • The Floor is lava
  • Genji doge ball
  • Tiny Overwatch

Universal spawn

Players on both teams will spawn in Universal spawn. Players can also change their hero in universal
spawn And have immunity to CC / damage

Hero switch spots

Players can change their hero when not in a mini game at both Universal spawn and at Hero switch spots.
Hero switch spots are represented by Blue rings and In-world text.

Mini games

version 1.0 games

  • The Floor is lava
  • Genji doge ball
  • Tiny Overwatch

Mini games are located near universal spawn at the Game select spot

Players can join a mini game by pressing jump when near the game they want to join

Players can leave a mini game at anytime (version 1.0 only) by holding crouch for 5 seconds
Bugs: There are a few bugs when leaving a mini game.

  • Leaving messeges may not appear and related sound effects may not be audable If the player is dead
  • Leaving progress may be reset if a player attemps to leave a game while alive and dies during it.

The Floor is lava

A small version of the classic floor is lava with 5 lava types

lava types

  • Burn
  • Freeze
  • Stun
  • Sleep
  • Hack

Game play
Players spawn as a random hero and outlive the other players to claim victory


  • This game can be played with one player, but its boring.😑

Genji doge ball

The original genji doge ball, but its a mini game.

Game play
Players deflect or dash to bounce the ball at another player.
If a player is hit, (if they don't deflect or dash in time) they will die.
Last player standing wins!


  • This game cannot be played without at least 2 players

Tiny Overwatch

The classic cinema tiny overwatch (Tiny OW)

game play
Spam abilitys and spawn camp the other team as long as you can before they get the
chance to do the same to you.


  • It is recomended to have atleast 2 players on each team

2.0 version progress

We are currently working on a new version of advanced chill to give the host more controll over the enviroment.

  • version 2.0 (not avaiable) now has floor is lava working
  • version 2.0 (not avaiable) now has genji doge ball working

over - all progress: ( 50 % )

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