12 Hooks 2 Spheres

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This gamemode is an old gamemode I saw someone play and I never saw it came back and was really sad so once I started making overwatch gamemodes like lucio sumo I decided to make the gamemode so I came up with use two spheres and with a game full of hogs

-----------------------HOW IT WORKS----------------------------------------------------------------------

so basically you hook players into your bubble and if you go out of your teams bubble you start to take damage, this is in elimation so you don't respawn. last one standing and kills the other hog wins. I will make more verisons in the feature once this gamemode becomes more popular.****

(also in the workshop rules at the bottom is an ban list, type an user name in in the custom string that said null to basically ban an player.) quick note this doesn't actually bans them just annoys them and makes them want to leave


Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Roadhog
Maps: Castillo
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 3.0



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