Genjirunner (Lijiang Market)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

You're a Ghost/Genjirunner, you've been casted out from your home by the Talon agents. Now in the new identity, as the Ghostrunner, your objective is to save and take your home back from the hands of the Talon.

In the Lijiang Market, your objective is to kill all 12 opponents in order to unlock the victory point you must reach.

If you wish to speedrun, don't be shy to post your best times in the comments (remember to turn on your stopwatch ;> ).

Gamemode Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcFqbW9p0BA

Categories: PvE
Heroes: Genji
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.0.1

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