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Lofi’s Bastion Escape

Important Messages

Note: At the moment, the Global Effect feature is in a buggy state, thus use the previous workshop code, 98PF0, instead for the global effect until further notice.

Lofi’s Bastion Escape is an alternative version of Bastion Escape 2

Head's up! This summary is subject to change as new updates are applied!

This version focuses on making Bastion Escape more challenging! Not for the faint of heart!


Work together with your fellow team members to reach the end of the level. Reach the end with all 32 heroes to finish the game.

Major Features

  • New difficulty settings: Casual, Normal, Masochist
  • Create your own custom hero order. Who will be the next hero after Ana?
  • Can now play with a randomized hero order. There is an option to guarantee bastion as the final hero in this mode.
  • Option to set when to start saving the progress of each player
  • New Backtracking feature. When a player dies a certain amount of times, the player will go back a certain amount of heroes.
  • Remove ring found in the spawn rooms that allows players to go back to any previous heroes.
  • Remove feature where if a player dies 20 times, the player gains an ultimate which will allow them to skip to the next hero.
  • More progress data such as death count and winner status will be saved.
  • NEW: Winners will now unlock 2 Endgame rings. The first resets their progress. The other allows winners to switch to a HELPING hero to assist other players.
  • Adds a new mode called Global Effects. Every certain amount of time an effect/event will take place which may either hinder players’ progress, help them, or both. Also the global effect may affect a single, some, none, or all players in the match.

Global Effects

  • Lava Floor: Players will burn if they touch the ground.
  • Switcharoo: Players will switch locations with another player in the game
  • Big Barrier: Barriers are 5x their normal size
  • Communicate or Die: Use the communication wheel a certain amount of times or die
  • Emote or Die: Emote a certain amount of times or die
  • Frozen: Players are frozen for a certain amount of time
  • Roadhog Time: Roadhogs will spawn causing mayhem.
  • I’m the Bomb: Some players will be assigned as bomb carriers however they will not be able to tell. Non-bomb carriers must distance themselves from bomb carriers or risk an explosion.
  • Passenger: Players will have their speed reduced to 50%. However if a player is nearby another player their speed increases to 120%.
  • Hacked: Players will be unable to use their abilities
  • Oof Teleport: Player(s) will be sent back to spawn. Oof!
  • Bastion Drop: a bastion will spawn at a random player’s location and stay there for a certain amount of time.
  • Invincible: Players are invincible for a certain amount of time.
  • Personal Space: Some player want personal space. If you come near these players you will be pushed away!
  • Voice Line or Die: Use voice lines a certain amount of times or die!
  • Deactivated Bastions: All Bastions are deactivated for a time.
  • Die with Me: When a player dies, nearby players will also die. So your death may cause a chain reaction. Yikes!
  • More Health: All players receive a temporary max health increase!
  • Medusa: Some players are Medusa's servants. Look at them and you will turn to stone.
  • Ghost Tower: All players will be invisible. Where did they go?
  • Sleepy TBags: TBag sleeping players to wake them & receive a temporary movement speed buff.
  • Piggyback: Some players will become Carriers The Carrier can carry another player and take them anywhere. Carriers can release a rider by going to spawn or reaching the end goal.
  • Puppeteer: Some players will become a puppeteer or a puppet. Puppeteers control their assigned puppets. Puppets are forced to copy their masters.
  • Guardian Angel: Some players are assigned a guardian angel. If the player dies, the guardian angel takes the blow instead.
  • Soul Link: Some players are soulmates. Soulmates share the same health.
  • One Direction: Players will only be able to move in one direction. Two if player can only move sideways.
  • World Tag: A single player is chosen as a Tagger. The Tagger must tag a UNIQUE player (a player that has not been tagged before). The player that was tagged will now become the new Tagger. This cycle continues until the required tag count has been reached.
  • Leap Frog: Players' jump height has significantly increased.
  • Bugs: Some players will become tiny. Be careful where you walk, tiny players can be squished by larger players.
  • Among Us: There is a Killer amongst the crowd. Try keeping your distance away from them.
  • President: A player is chosen as the President. The President has reduced health, but provides buffs to nearby players, BodyGuards. Protect the President or everyone will fall!
  • Hot Potato: Players must take turns hitting a flying orb (hot potato) whenever it targets them. Don't let it get too close!
  • Laggy Days: Players will experience a laggy imitation. With each lag spike, they will also gain a few seconds of invincibility.
  • And more to come...

Difficulty Comparison Table

Lofi Escape vs. Bastion Escape 2
Casual = Normal
Normal = Expert
Masochist = Legendary

Community Contribution

If you have an idea for a new Global Effect, please write them in the comments. Be sure provide a name for it as the Global Effect may be added to the game mode.

Or if you see me around, let me know what you think!

Credits/Thank You

Original version made by: WOBBLYOW#2981, NOTBANANA#21520 and PIRATEBOOT#2133

Bastion Escape 2 made by EfeDursun125#2815.

Lofi’s Bastion Escape made by LofiMusic#1110.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Parkour, Survival
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.8.2

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