Hack Attack

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Hack Attack is a slow-paced elimination 4v4 game focused on strategic plays and outsmarting your opponents. Attackers have to hack a drive and protect it until it fully hacks. Defenders have to protect the drives or revert a drive if it gets hacked.


Drives are the main objectives of the game. There are 3 or 2 on each map. Attackers have the ability to hack one. When a drive is hacked, all other drives are no longer interactable. If the drive is not reverted in 60 seconds, then the drive is fully hacked and the attackers win (wether or not they're still alive). Defenders have the ability to revert a drive if it's hacked. However it takes 6 seconds and stops you from shooting, moving, or using any abilities. If the drive is reverted before it fully hacks then the defenders win.

Teleporters are found around the map that helps attackers or defenders rotate from place or to escape a risky situation. There are only 2 on each map and using one will create a loud noise so be careful when using one.

Ability charges
A lot of the abilities in the game can only be used a certian amount of time each round. How much you have is shown right above the ability. Some abilities can only be used once, but can be used again once getting a kill (they have an X over the ability when available). Some abilities do have regular cooldowns

Ultimates are big abilities that have long windups. Once you get 100% ultimate charge, you can activate it. You gain ultimate charge by killing an enemy, being killed, and at the start of each round. The amount of ultimate charge needed for your ultimate varies from agent to agent. Switching agents does not reset your ultimate charge and will be changed to how much the agent needs (EX: Mei with 50% ult charge switches to Sombra and now has 75% ult charge since Sombra needs less ultimate charge)


Agents in the game have diferent roles they fulfiill to help the team. Each agent fulfiils that role in different ways and have their own pros and cons (Yes they are valorant-inspired)

Duelists main job is to kill enemies. Though all agents do well in battle, duelsist have the ability to get in and get out, but usually lack a lot of damage and utility. They usually rely on the utlitly from initatiors to make up for this.

Sentinels have the abilities to lock down a site. They can neglect pushes and force the enemy to push back. However they do lack the ability to push in which can make it hard for them to revert or hack a drive.

Initiators' purpose is to enable their team to initaite. They have the abilities to locate enemies and debuff them, to make it easier to get in the site. They do have trouble to stay in one place as their abilties rely on pushing forward.


Agent Role Ability 1 Ability 2 Ultimate
Sentinel Smoke Dart Frost Grenade Radar Scanner
Duelist Smoke Burst Immortality Cloak Showstopper
Initiator Armor Pack Concussion Wave Revive
Sentinel Healing Orb Ice Wall Blizzard
Intiatior Blind Bomb Rocket Radar Combat Stim
Duelist Clone Development Translocator Now you see me
Deulist Blink Blindside Deja Vu


The game mode was heavily inspired by Valorant (by Riot Games) so thankyou to them

Thankyou to the players who Tested my gamemode

  • Aevor
  • SeanSaidSo
  • ZombieSaidSo
  • VisionSaidSo

Thankyou to the Elo Hell Workshop discord for helping me with some problems :)

Players | 2 - 8
Heroes: Cassidy, Mei, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Tracer, and 2 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0


Hack the drive
Revert the drive
Hack the drive
Revert the drive
Hack the drive
Revert the drive
Hack the drive
Revert the drive
Hack the drive
Revert the drive

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