Toy Thing [My First Gamemode]


This is My First Gamemode Don't Judge Me if it's Bad But Team 1 is At a Arcade Trying To Get You As A Prize Right Now it's Just is a Short Interactable Demo so if You Have Any Idea Post Them in The Comment's

Interact To Interact

Categories | PvE
Heroes | All
Maps | Hanamura
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Last updated |
Current version | 1.0


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Update Log (5)

I Added More Text And A Toy Thing Thing's

i released it Whoooo

So I'm Thinking Of Makeing a Chill Lobby Where You Have Point's Can Hang With Your Friend's and Play Minigame's Like: Boss Fight Mayhem. Chance Time. Dungeon Raiders. Well That's All I Could Think Of But If I Don't Make It I Will Make The Minigame's And Yes I will Still Update This.

Massive Bug Fix Look At It In The Rule's:)

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