Overdone - Reworked Heroes


Overdone is a gamemode that changes every hero in one way or another, whether it be base stats or a workshoped ability.
If you want to see all the changes go to this google doc to see them all: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O4CyPWUcIFhGMzKNSdCI4ffV98yncVSeaEwwQkSFzVk/edit
Other than that thank you for at least looking at my mode for 5 seconds.
UPDATE Bastion is undergoing maintenance, because his no self-damage workshops, is not functioning properly. Just know you will need to heal if you decide to rocket jump as Bastion.


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Update Log (4)

Version 1.2.0
-Given a double jump(More so an upward blink)
-Blink cooldown changed from 50% to 75%

Version 1.1.1
Soldier: 76
-Increased Helix Rockets knockback scalar from 150% to 225%

Version 1.1.0
-Added a grappling hook ability to Ana (press interact to use, press interact again to stop using)
-Modified damage dealt while scoped from 100% to 175%
-Modified healing dealt while scoped from 100% to 150%
-Modified Soundwave knockback scalar from 100% to 130%
-Modified Hover Jets vertical speed scalar from 100% to 45% (to actually hover)
-Modified Concussive Blast knockback scalar from 100% to 120%
-Self-Damage is non-existent

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