Paladins but in Overwatch


I decided to give every character their own extra abilities, quirks, and character roles based off of what they were good at. Damage and healing numbers were changed and Echo even got switched to a support. D.va also sadly does not work as intended so instead she has no mech but is still classified as a tank due to some other changes.

Ability/quirk examples:
Mei(Crystalline): Create ice armor around yourself to block 50% damage for 5 seconds, you will move 20% slower while using this.

Reinhardt quirk: His ult now hits all around him(epicenter from overwatch 2) and he takes 50% less damage while charging and holding up his shield.

Hanzo(Dragon's Flame): Upon activation any critical hits you deal for the next 10 seconds will be cause the arrows to explode.


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I played this earlier. Cool gamemode,


I was thinking in making 3 talents for every hero, just like Paladins. Did you make this? Or you just added new abilities / quirks.
Anyways, it's an awesome project!

Coccncocctoture creator

Since I made it on PS4 there were limits on what I could do to the gamemode so I only added quirks and other abilities. If I ever get to open up the workshop again I might try and add extra things from paladins like 3 talents to pick from and some extra hud displays so you can more easily tell what quirks your character has.

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