Dead by Daylight : New and Improved

Dead by Daylight is an Overwatch workshop game highly inspired by Dead by daylight. It's gets inspiration from alot of it's perks, killers, game mechanics, and maps. It also takes inspiration from blood garden.

Survivors are a ( maximum to 5) people who are trying to complete their objective and hide from the killer. Each character has 3 perks that are either fan-made or highly inspired from the game. Some examples are D.va who has Lithe,Solidarity, and Kindred and Moira Dead Hard,Spine Chill, and Self Care (all perks and abilities are shown to the player at the start of the match). The Survivors' objective is to steal and transfer items to a certian location. Usually it's stealing blood from blood totems and delivering them to sacrficial towers or taking eletricity from energy capsules and delivering them to the energy towers (stealing blood/energy with teamates will multiply it's effect causing you to gain 50 blood/energy wether you steal it with someone or by yourself). Wether the case you need to do that to unsure your survival. Survivors can also heal each other if they're injured and free each other from cryo-freeze stations.

The killer's objective is to make sure all survivors die before they can deposit enough blood/energy. Each killer has a power and 2 perks that are either fan-made or highly inspired from the game. A few examples are Doomfist who has Off the Abbys, Surge, and Stridor and Reaper who has Blackened Catalyst, Beast of Prey, and Pop goes the Weasel (all perks and powers are shown to the player at the start of the match). To kill them you must hit survivors until they go to the downed state. Hitting them once casues them to be injured, making them bleed and cry out in pain. Hitting and injured survivor will downed them making them bleed out. You can pull survivors into a cryo-freeze station to make them freeze to death.If all survivors die or in a cryo-freeze station you win

Game mechanic and Survivor and Killer perks have ways to either quicken or slow down chases. Survivors have two items at their disposal to avoid being killed by the killer, which are tripwires (windows) and eletric gates (pallets). Survivors can quickly vault tripwires but it takes killers a bit longer to go over them. Survivors can also turn on eletric gates which can blind abd stun the killer. However the killer can permanantly turn them off which stops all survivors from using it again and can no longer stun or blind the killer (besides echo as she has the perk System Rebooter). Survivors can use these to loop and stall the killer for as long as possible. They can also use their perks like Ashe's Firecracker and clouds (lockers) to escape chases unharmed or just gain distance

Patch Notes

Categories: Survival
Heroes: D.va, Roadhog, Zarya, Ashe, Doomfist, and 14 more...
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.2.0

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