Custom A.I Battle V1.1


Welcome To Custom A.I Battle:

Summon Bots With A.I To Fight Each Other.

Note:To Summon Bots,Make Sure Your On Team 2 Slot 0

Press Jump To Switch The Number On Your HUD,And Interact To Summon

If Crouching While Summoning,You Summon An Enemy Bot

Not All Bots Are Perfect,So If there Something weird sometimes,Its Because Its A.I,Not easy to Make

I Hope You Have Fun!

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Heroes | All
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Current version | 1.0.1


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When I tryed palying this, it crashed 2 times until it finally worked. However the bots seem very realistic as far as bots go. For some reason when a player heals it forces them to say thanks, also if a bot heals themself it also syas thanks. To fix that id set it up where one of the codditions check if event player isnt the healer. (Or healee depending on how you have it set up)

alhajrey007 creator

Also srry for the crashes,it alot of rules,and alot of stuff happening,so expect crashes

alhajrey007 creator

Much thanks!,sorry if it toke a while,but thanks for telling me!,i dont check here often.

alhajrey007 creator

If You Found Any Bugs Or Things i Should Fix,Tell me!

Update Log (2)


Hotifx 1.1:

Increased Time Before Crashes
Hopefully Fixed Movements For Some Characters


Release Of The Gamemode

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