Reinhardt sumo V5.1


Reinhardt sumo is a game where you play as Reinhardt and attempt to push others out of the island
Why should you use this particular code? Well, normal reinhardt sumo is pretty pointless. You charge into the water with enemies and lose points most of the time. This one is different!

Hammer: high knockback, if the enemies are at the edge, dont risk charging!

Firestrike: launches you up and forward. Great for pushing, repositioning, or potentially getting back on the island!

Charge: allows you to charge into the water with your enemies. When it ends, you get launched backwards. This results in potential survival and in epic moments, where someone ults on a charging rein, which makes them fly back! (looks cool)

Barrier: while the barrier is up, your gravity is smaller. Useful in several situations. And dont forget: you can block a shatter with it!

Shatter: this gamemode could not exist without a bunch of shatters occurring every second :D

Launch orb: The orb in the middle launches you forward. Useful for pushing
Out of bounds: Staying under the ground level for 5 seconds will knock you down, so you will die, since if you are under the ground level for more than 5 seconds, you are most likely not going to get back up, but you are able to stay alive for basically forever. There will be a timer at the bottom of your screen and you will be burning.

If you have any ideas, DM me: ImThePro(koshkamatew)#5630 on discord and koshkamatew on PSN!

Update history:
V1.0 - mode created
V2.0 - workshop update, firestrike launches you up, charge launches you backwards. Launch orb in the middle
V3.0 - new HUD ingame, barrier reduces gravity, firestrike nerf, charge buff, cooldowns are faster
V4.0 - updated HUD, orb repositioned more comfortably, barrier code updated to fix some bugs which grant unfair advantage
V5.0 - out of bounds detector, hero select skip, minor bug fixes, if i join your game i will be marked as "Mode creator"
V5.1 - slight description and HUD adjustments

Tags | reinhardt sumo wwe
Heroes | Reinhardt
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Last updated |
Current version | 5.1


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