Overwatch 2 (6v6) Exprimental Patch

This is my head cannon Overwatch, the patch that we need before making 5v5 a good idea.
Solves the majority of problems and brings new concepts for some characters. Also the OW2 role passives are here for not make any difference besides is 6v6 instead.

The positions of the players in the lobby determines wich role are going to play:
1-2: Tank
3-4: Damage
5-6: Support

If a Overwath Dev sees this code or someone who has contact with Team4, please consider those changes for a limited time mode beacuse we think they might work for competitive play and if they dont, at least we can have fun until the next beta

Enjoy it!!!

• Biotic Rifle ammo increased to 14
• Sleep Dart cooldown reduced to 8sec
• Sleep duration reduced to 2.5sec
• Biotic Grenade cooldown increased to 12sec
• Nano Boost now resets all cooldowns of both target and Ana itself
• Veteran Spirits (New Passive): Slightly increased movement speed and jump height

• B.O.B duration increased to 12sec
• Bullet with your name (New Passive): The last bullet on The Viper has always double damage

• Now you can only use Immortality Field 2 times per life
• Recharges of Immortality Field when you die (+2) or you heal with a health pack (+1)

(i use part of LemonAid´s codes, Credits to him)
• Health pool changed from 200hp/100armor to 150hp/150armor (still 300hp)
• Configuration Sentry now is bounded to Crouch button
• Configuration Assault (OW2 Ability 1): The same as the rework in the second game, a moving turret.
_ The visual representation is the resource of Self-Repair that only refills when the ability enters on cooldown.
_If you press again the ability 1 button when the resource is below 100 you enter in Configuration Sentry (a bug I can’t fix is you can jump while in Sentry but you can’t move).
_If you are in sentry mode through ability 1 button, when the resource refills completely, you get out of it for not glitch the workshop
• Self-Repair duration doubled but will no longer refills normally
• Self-Repair resource only refills when Configuration: Assault ends and you can extend the duration of the refill until gets 100%
• Tactical Grenade (OW2 Ability 2): Something like in the rework but limited by the workshop and you cannot use it for rollouts but has less cooldown (8sec)
• Configuration: Tank generation increased 20%
• Healing received from allies reduced to 1% during Sentry and Assault mode but Self-Repair heals x3 times

• Shield Bash cooldown increased to 10sec
• Whip Shot cooldown increased to 6sec
• Whip Shot knockback reduced 20%

• Mortar Grenade (New Ability 2): When the grenade hits an enemy, you turn them on fire for 5 seconds and acts like and interrupt (12sec)
• During Deadeye you receive -40%

• Health pool changed from 300hp/300armor to 400hp/200armor (still 600hp)
• Defense Matrix duration reduces 30%
• Defense Matrix recharge rate increased 60%
• Defense Matrix cooldown reduced to 0sec
• Micro-Missiles cooldown reduced to 5sec
• Overall damage reduced 10%

• Roll changed to Tank
• Health increased to 350hp
• Rocket Punch cooldown decrased to 3sec
• While being damaged during Rocket Punch you generate permanent shields
• During Rocket Punch you receive 75% less damage
• Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam cooldowns reduced to 4sec
• Damaging enemies during Meteor Strike they get movement reduced 50% for 3sec

• Roll changed to Support
• Tri-shot ammo reduced to 8
• Sticky Bombs cooldown increased to 12
• Focusing Beam cooldown increased to 16sec
• Doppler-Healer Pulse (New Passive): Damaging enemies close to Echo starts a self-healing
[Heal-over-time is 25% of damage dealt for 1sec]
• If Duplicate target is a Tank the health pool is locked to 300hp and some abilities are worse doe the changes of the workshop

• Dragonblade duration reduced to 4sec
• Damage during Dragonblade increased 30%
• During Dragonblade, Swift Strike and Deflect cooldowns reduced to 0

• When you on ground Lunge cooldown resets
• Storm Arrows reduced to 4
• Storm Arrows damage duplicates passed 50m
• Sonic Arrow cooldown reduced to 8.5sec

• Frag Launcher ammo increased to 6
• Health reduced to 150hp
• Concussion Mine cooldown reduced 75%
• Concussion Mine enemy knockback nullified
• Projectile Gravity increased 100%
• Overall damage reduced 20%

• Soundwave cooldown increased to 6sec
• Soundwave is locked on default but only is enabled while Wallride
• Speed song now grants 30% more jump speed

• Roll changed to Tank
• Health increased to 350hp
• Endothermic Blaster ammo increased to 180
• Cryo-Freeze cooldown reduced to 7sec
• Ice Wall reduced to 10sec
• Cold Mood (New passive): Restores all ammo when freeze a target

• Resurrect cooldown is half when an ally deals an elimination using Damage Boost
• Resurrect cooldown is half when dealing a final blow
• During Valkyrie Ressurect also applies to nerby dead allies

• Health reduced to 150hp
• Fade cooldown reduced to 4sec
• Biotic Orb damage reduced 80%
• Abyss Status (New Passive): Enemies damaged by Moira gets damage dealt reduced by 20% for 3sec

• Health pool changed to 200hp/200armor (now is 400hp)
• Fortify cooldown reduced to 8sec
• Fortify now grants 125shields
• Protective Barrier health reduced to 300hp
• Halt! No longer can be activated in the air
• All projectiles speed increased 50%

• Health pool changed to 100hp/50armor (Now is 150hp)
• Hover Jets maximum time increased 50%
• Jump Jet is no longer enabled in the air but has (almost) no cooldown
• Concussive Blast knockback reduced 75%
• Concussive Blast now damage 100 to enemies and also silence them for 1 sec
• Projectile Speed increased 50%
• Overall Damage reduced 15%
• Hover Jets (Secondary Fire) Increase movement speed 15%
• Hover Jets (Jump) reduce gravity to 40%

• Stalker (New Secondary Fire): You became invisible but you cannot move (you get stunned) and works as long you held the button

• Health pool changed to: 250hp/250armor (still 500hp)
• Barrier Field health reduced to 1000hp
• Charge cooldown reduced to 6sec and can be canceld
• Fire Strike cooldown reduced to 4sec
• Crusaders Berserk (New Passive): When the Barrier Field is broken you get damage increased and damage resistance. Eliminations increase duration 3sec

• Chain Hook now has different cooldowns:
_When whiffed is 16sec
_When hit an enemy is 12sec
_Killing an enemy after hoocking is 8sec

• Take-a-Breather healing halved but healing received from allies is increased 100%

• Health pool changed to 200hp/150shields (Now is 350hp)
• Experimental Barrier health reduced to 350hp
• Experimental Barrier recharge rate increased to 500%
• Experimental Barrier cooldown decreased to 0
• Kinetic Grasp cooldown reduced to 5sec
• Accretion cooldown reduced to 10sec
• Orbital Trajectory (New Passive): Holding jump button almost nullifies gravity

• Tactical Reload (New Passive): Reload Time is significantly decreased after an elimination
• Helix Rockets cooldown decreased to 4sec

• Roll changed to Support
• Health decreased to 150hp
• Stealth and Translocator cooldown reduced to 0 but gets disabled when gets damaged
• Hack duration reduced to 3sec
• Hack cooldown increased to 12sec and gets resets when gets an elimination
• Hack cooldown when health pack reduced to 1sec
• Playing Fair (New Passive): Increase all healing received 30% globally for all allies

• Overall damage reduced 25%
• Sentry turrets cooldown increased 50%
• Light Twister (New Passive): Reduce all incoming damage 25% globally and heals small amounts over time permanently for allies

• Deploy Turret cooldown doubled (both Destroyed by enemy and Self-destroyed)
• MY BABY!!! (New passive): When the turret is destroyed Torb get Hammer damage triplicated, reset Overload cooldown and gets +100 permanent armor when activate Overload

• Pulse Bomb generation increased 30%
• All Over Again (New Passive): Eliminations restores all Blinks

• Health increased to 200hp
• Grapling Hook cooldown reduced to 8sec
• Venom Mine cooldown reduced to 10sec
• Feeling Something (New Passive): Eliminations with criticals fully heals you and keep going for 5sec

• Tesla Cannon ammo increased to 150
• Jump Pack cooldown decreased to 4.5sec
• Increasing Rage (New Passive): Receiving damage grants ultimate charge

• Health pool changed to 125hp/275armor (now is 400hp)
• During Ball mode gets 30% damage reduction
• Quad cannon ammo increased to 100
• Piledriver cooldown reduced to 8sec
• Adaptive Shields no longer depends on how many enemies are. Instead generates 75 shields whenever damage during ball mode and those are permanent. If the shields generated by activating the ability gets damaged, automatically enters on cooldown
• Overall damage increased 20%

• Barriers health reduced to half
• Particle Barrier (Self) cooldown reduced to 8sec
• Projected Barrier (Allie) Cooldown reduced to 6sec
• Using a Barrier decreases the cooldown of the other a little bit (Doesn´t work when both are activated at the same time)
• Particle Cannon knockback increased 20%

• Health pool changed to 75hp/150shields (now is 225hp)
• Snap Kick (OW2 Passive): Same as the beta, nothing new
• Harmony Orb now reduces all cooldown rates of the target 40%
• Orb of destruction ammo increased to 30

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Scrims
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Circuit Royal, Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, and 13 more...
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