Heat Street PvE: The Bomb


Heat Street: The Bomb is a co-op PvE mission for 1 to 4 players. The playable heroes feature new abilities and mechanics. Fight waves of enemies and complete the objectives to win!
The AI is able to play 12 different heroes, some of which have new abilities. This game mode took inspiration from the PAYDAY series.

After leaving the spawn room, enemies begin to attack the players. They attack in waves that increase in intensity the longer they have lasted. After a wave ends, there is a short break during which no enemies can spawn and remaining enemies retreat. Stay together to avoid being overrun!

The game mode automatically scales to the player count and can be played solo, although it will still be easier with a full team of four. There are 4 difficulty levels. The host can change them before the game starts.

Player abilities:

  • Players restore their health after avoiding damage for 2.5 seconds.


  • (Interact) Fear Toxin: Ana applies fear toxin to her biotic rifle. Enemies hit by her biotic rifle run away in fear.
  • Lifesteal: Players heal themselves by dealing damage to heal blocked enemies.


  • Gambler: Ashe has a 40% chance to refund the bullet with each headshot, a 15% chance to stun the enemy with each hit and a 10% chance to be healed instead of damaged each time Ashe is hit. Dealing damage increases the chances.
  • (Interact) Lucky Streak: Ashe instantly reloads her weapon and triples her chances.


  • (Interact) Revive: Baptiste instantly revives a downed ally. Revive has 10 meters range and does not require line of sight.
  • Swan Song: Instead of getting downed instantly when reaching 0 health, Baptiste can keep fighting for 4 seconds with a 50% speed penalty before going down. If Baptiste is inside his Immortality Field at the end of Swan Song, he will restore his health and can keep fighting normally.


  • (Interact) Overdrive: Echo reduces her ability cooldowns and moves faster.
  • Copycat: While Echo is duplicating an enemy she deals double damage to all enemies on the same hero she is duplicating.


  • Parry: If Genji deflects an enemy quick melee he parries it causing all enemies in front of him to be stunned. Genji can't parry Brigitte's and Reinhardt's melee attacks. Deflect duration is shortened but Genji can deflect for longer while using Dragonblade.
  • (Primary Fire) Counter-Attack: After parrying Genji can perform a counter-attack, damaging and knocking down hit enemies. This also restores his health.
  • (Interact) Taunt: Genji taunts causing all enemies to be more likely use quick melee attacks.
  • Sixth Sense: When an enemy is about to melee Genji can hear a sound and see a ring closing around the enemy, reaching the center when they melee.


  • (Interact) Smoke Grenade: McCree deploys a smoke screen that slows enemies.
  • Evasion: McCree is 75% less likely to be hit while in the smoke. His allies are 50% less likely to be hit while in the smoke.


  • (Hold Crouch in air) Ground Pound: Pharah stabilizes in mid-air and targets a point below her. After the blue ring reaches its maximum size, Pharah can launch herself towards it to deal area damage (by releasing the crouch button). Releasing the crouch button before it is fully charged aborts the Ground Pound. Ground Pound activates automatically after the white ring disappears.
  • Thunderbird: Eliminations refuel Pharah's Hover Jets and reduce her ability cooldowns. Pharah regenerates health while moving faster than 10 meters per second.


  • Berserker: Reaper gains an 1% damage increase for every 1% of his health missing. Wraith Form blocks his automatic health regeneration.
  • (Interact) Frenzy: Reaper locks his health and prevents himself from being damaged or healed.


  • (Interact) Juggernaut: Roadhog removes all stun effects on him and resets his cooldowns. Roadhog causes up to 3 nearby enemies to run away in fear.
  • Terrifying Presence: When Roadhog kills an enemy in close range, he has a chance to cause nearby enemies to run away in fear. Roadhog deals 50% more damage to enemies in fear.
  • Automatic health regeneration is disabled for Roadhog.

Soldier: 76:

  • (Interact) Convert: Soldier: 76 converts a tier 1 enemy (Brigitte, McCree, Soldier: 76) to fight on his side.
  • (Interact) Command: Soldier: 76 commands his converted enemy to follow him or to defend their position.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: When Soldier: 76 is downed, his converted enemy will try to revive him. They can't revive any other players.


  • (Interact) High Value Target: Tracer marks an enemy causing them to take 50% more damage.
  • Trigger Happy: Tracer gains a 4% damage bonus for each headshot and a 2% damage bonus for each hit to marked enemies. Tracer becomes invincible for 0.1 seconds after each headshot.


  • (Interact) Widow's Gaze: Widowmaker immobilizes and hacks all enemies in front of her.
  • Graze: When Widowmaker critically hits an enemy with a scoped shot, it deals its damage in a 1.5 meter radius around the bullet trajectory and restores 30 health to her.
  • Body Expertise: While Infra-Sight is active Widowmaker can trigger Graze with scoped shots to the body.


  • (Interact) Incendiary Ammo: Zarya reloads her Particle Cannon with incendiary ammo that ignites enemies. Burning enemies ignite nearby enemies when killed.
  • Unstoppable: Zarya forces enemies to attack her while she is using her personal barrier. Her personal barrier activates twice. Her personal barrier blocks her automatic health regeneration.

Enemy notes:

Tier 1:

  • Brigitte: High damage in close range, especially if the players are grouped together.
  • McCree: Low health.
  • Soldier 76: Low health.

Tier 2:

  • Baptiste: Instantly revives any ally that dies near him with a short cooldown.
  • Reaper: High damage in close range. Excellent at chasing players. While in Wraith Form Reaper can fly freely and pass through solid walls. Limited to 1.
  • Sombra: Can tase the player, causing them to lose the ability to move and use any abilities. In addition the player's aim is thrown off and they fire their weapon uncontrollably. Sombra will stand still and flash brightly while tasing and any damage to her will stop the effect. Before activating EMP Sombra glows purple. Any damage to her during the activation interrupts the EMP. Limited to 1.
  • Widowmaker: High range and damage. While Infra-Sight is active, all enemies will aim for your head instead of your body.

Tier 3:

  • Bastion: Very high health and damage. Limited to 1.
  • Orisa: Very high health. Moves slowly when shooting. Limited to 2.
  • Roadhog: High health and damage.
  • Tracer: When Tracer's health is low, she will drop a Pulse Bomb and use Recall, which will place her behind her current target.


  • Reinhardt: While Reinhardt is alive, the assault wave can't end and the wave intensity increases much more quickly. When he dies the wave ends immediately. Reinhardt has high health and heals nearby allies while he's holding his shield up. Reinhardt's shield does not regenerate and he takes double damage after it is broken. Limited to 1 per game.

Made by Shingen#21859

Categories | Survival, PvE
Maps | King's Row
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.2.0

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Coming back a month later the mode is still really fun thanks for the updates i hope you never stop making amazing gamemodes.


How come the overwatch ai doesn't work in this they spawn but sit in the spawn area. But your gamemode is amazing

Shingen creator

The AI is stuck because they can't confirm that they've read the tutorial. They don't work very well for this mode anyway because they ignore the custom objectives, never use their special abilities and also never try to revive players.


is there any upcoming spec-ops-based missions like this in the future? just a curious question :)

Shingen creator

I have no other missions planned right now. Making a new mission takes a lot of time and I don't know how to make it different from this one so it's worth playing.




The first Heat Street was my favorite workshop mod and this one might even be better !

Getting that sweet co-op fix before OW2


Its amazing! Please add more heroes and do more missions

Shingen creator

Glad you like it! I will add more heroes in the future but I'm not sure if I'm going to do more maps because that would be a lot of work.


I tried this code before and it worked fine, but now when trying to enter the game, it brings me up next to the message "failed to connect to server"


It's probably because you have to change the data center

Update Log (24)

  • Ashe is now playable
  • Improved HUD with Color Reevalution
  • Improved Enemy Pathfinding
  • Added a delay before Widowmaker bots can fire scoped shots after switching targets.
  • Soldier's converted enemy will no longer target sleeping enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Orisa bots to become stuck.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the fear status effect to not apply correctly to enemies.
  • The Baptiste bot can no longer revive allies while under the effect of fear.
View all updates
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