Junkenstein's Revenge With Clones



I do not take credit for the idea of clones, however this preset was rebuilt from the ground up.

General Information

Clones in Junkenstein's Revenge! This preset should theoretically work with any additional workshop scripts (assuming variables 26 and 27 aren't used), so you are free to copy the workshop script and paste into another. The preset comes with the default Junkenstein settings and can be changed regardless.

Clone Qualities

  • Clones will aim, shoot and use the same abilities as you
  • They will switch weapons if you do
  • They will switch heroes if you do
  • Communicate "Need Help" when critical health
  • Communice that their ultimate is ready
  • Die if their master dies (for whatever reason, the "resurrect" command doesn't work in this gamemode, so making them die instead of the master wasn't possible to achieve)
  • Players are limited to 1 clone

Code Snippet

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Categories | PvE
Maps | Eichenwalde
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.0


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