Type Echo: Zombie Survival


Zomnic Horde is a Wave-based PVE game mode

NPCs spawn as Echo, 2 per round to a max of 18, and hunt down the players.
Ocasionally Echo will take on additional forms, including Reaper and Roadhog, for extra challenge.

On top of that; the Zomnics can ressurect their teammates by killing players - the zombie takes the form of the player that was killed: If your Mercy dies, the zombies now have a Mercy. Good luck.


Includes server options for Survival Mode (during each wave players can only respawn after their team captures an objective point) although this is untested so far.

Most playable heroes have custom code for their zombies, more may be added later

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Update Log (6)

Added ult Store when swapping to the same hero

Changed default options

Added option to start on later waves

Added 'dead or echo' as duplication target

Added additional AI support for Zen, Mei, Ashe, and Junkrat

Fixed copy-paste issue (was using disabled effects)

Fixed a bug where ai would avoid inclines

Added 'duplication target' options so hosts can have them happen more often or remove the zombie's respawn

Added first wave number mod so bigger teams can get into the action faster

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