Evolve RPG (Discontinued)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

A highly customizable RPG gamemode heavily inspired by RInq and BattleMercy's World of PvP, but built from the ground up.


Available in the current version:

  • An upgrade shop with a random cooldowns toggler.
  • A quest system with unique activities and rewards.
  • A bank with compound interest and upgrade refund mechanic.
  • Cash generation that increases with each kill.
  • Diamonds that can be obtained through the diamond miner.
  • Individual bounties for those who are alive for too long or killed too many.
  • A cash farm objective, which transfers cash to your bank account.
  • A blood crystal, which gives you cash in exchange for HP.
  • A diamond miner, which generates diamonds to whoever owns it.
  • A customizable set of random events that triggers every few seconds.
  • Bot enemies with fixed bounties and a chance to spawn as a boss.
  • A rudimentary level system used to scale the bots' strength.
  • Secret abilities that switch locations every few seconds.
  • Tons of other customizable variables in the settings card.


The activation timer and which events are enabled can be customized in the workshop settings.

Low Gravity: sets everyone's gravity to a random value lower than 40%.
Scaling: makes everyone either bigger or smaller.
Kill N' Steal: dealing damage steals your opponent's cash.
Free Ultimate: gives a free ultimate charge for those who unlocked it.
Ghost Battle: everyone becomes invisible.
One Shot, One Kill: dealing 5 damage or more grants an instakill.
Multiplied Cash Farm: the cash farm's global transfer rate is increased.
Slow Motion: the slowest of all quick events.
Multiplied Blood Crystal: the blood crystal deals more damage and gives more cash.
Aimbot: pretty self-explanatory.
Bullet Storm: "unlimited" ammo, faster projectiles.
Gotta Go Fast: move speed, jump height and projectile speed are increased. Scales with upgrades.
Wallhacks: an eye icon appears on everyone.
Free Diamonds: gives a random number of up to 10 diamonds to each player.
Diamond Miner Thief: sets the miner owner as a random player.
No Cooldowns: also pretty self-explanatory.


  • A lot of the HUD or in-world text disappears when there are about more than 5 players in the match (which apparently happens with any mode and MAY be solved by leaving and joining the game again).
  • Server crashes are still frequent.
Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.0.7



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