Mythic Boss Fight 💀

World of Warcraft style PvE Boss fight with 15+ Different mechanics

Discord server: https://discord.gg/DMvpEy3

4 Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Heroic and Mythic

  • On harder difficulties the numbers and mechanics are harder to handle, there is a learning curve to this boss fight just like in WoW so be expected to wipe a lot on harder difficulties
  • After being resurrected the player has a 5 second immunity

LFR Difficulty: Link

  • Suitable for random games

5 Players: Reinhardt, Baptiste, Ashe, Junkrat, Soldier: 76

  • Use your abilities and ultimates accordingly to counter the boss mechanics
  • The Boss fight is designed for 5 players, if you start the game mode with less than 5 players some mechanics might not work as intended


  • Press Interact for third person mode, this could be laggy in some situations and because of the perspective it is harder to shoot the mines, but other than that the aim should be quite accurate
  • Press Quick Melee button to start the game once all 5 players have selected their heroes [Reinhardt Only]
  • Press Ultimate to change Difficulty [Reinhardt Only]

Encounter Journal: Link

  • Some of the mechanics are better explained in the encounter journal, for example when the boss Charges the Charge ability will be available for the tank to counter charge


If your group is trying the boss on Heroic or Mythic I would be interested to see the vods or replay codes of some of the tries, you can send them to me on my workshop discord or via twitter.com/Seita_ow or just by commenting on this site.

You can also leave feedback about the game mode in discord.

The first group to send me a screenshot and vod or replay code of their Mythic kill of the boss will be updated to the start screen. Also the group with the fastest time to kill the boss Mythic will be updated to the start screen.

Special thanks to CactusPuppy for the trailer.

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