Hanamura Parkour 3.9


This is "my" first map. First time using the workshop and coding in the game, there's a few bugs but I don't have time to fix it.

You need to reach the last portal to change hero.
Each time you complete the map (reaching the last checkpoint with zarya) you get a title and sparkles effect up to 3 times!
1 time: 'Pro' title and yellow sparkles
2 times: 'Master' title and purple sparkles
3 times: 'God' title and green sparkles

You can use CROUCH + INTERACT to travel to previous checkpoints and CROUCH + ULTIMATE to reset the current checkpoints.

There's a secret you can find that gives you something c:

I tried to create an increasing difficulty as you pass through the heroes.


If you like to see more awesome maps, join us: discord.io/overwatch-parkour

I did not create this map from the very beggining. I used the Smussy version and edited to suit my taste, added new things, new heroes, fixed others, etc.

Update Log


Changed some stuffs, added others and also added two new heroes!
Bastion and Echo.
Have Fun!


3.5 Version is out!

Hey, I fixed some stuffs on the map, changed others and added 3 new heroes!
Orisa, Sigma and Ana!
Have fun!



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I'm pretty sure Baptiste is impossible like I'm stuck. On checkpoint 2 and I've been here for 30 min trying to figure it out and I can't maybe a lil help?


Im doing the parkour and Ive completed it roughly 50 times now but I cant get past echo checkpoint 5-6. Ive been doing this an hour now and nothing seems to work. She falls too fast to be able to make it over the blue bubble. and she just barely doesnt have enough propulsion to make it from the vending machine to the ledge. If im wrong in any way, Please, HELP


How did you even do Baptiste???

Websites are expensive, support Workshop.codes
Workshop.codes - Background image