Custom Hero: Courier (Demo)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Demo of the Custom Hero: the Courier from the story on Wattpad (Overwatch: The Missing Racer)

Gamemode is set to a manual start.

Health: 150

Weapon 1: Chaser Pistol a 20 bullet semi-automatic and accurate pistol.

Weapon 2: Small Healthpack (Interact to Choose options)

Courier can carry max 2 health packs and use them to heal himself or toss them at his teammates to heal them. He can refresh the small medkit charges by reaching the medkit spawns, provided he's fully healed.

Ability 1: Sprint - Works in the same way as Soldier-76's but Courier can get exhausted when running prolongedly. In short. The ability has a stamina bar. If you deplete it, you can't use that ability until the bar refills a little.

Ability 2: Grappling Hook

Just like Widowmaker, Courier can use grappling hook to reach places unavailable to some heroes, it's much improved and responsive than Widowmaker's. Also, Courier can still shoot from his pistol, while being pulled towards. It's cooldown is also shorter thanks to Daimon's upgrades.

Ultimate: Pulse Scan - Courier draws his sleeve and taps his ESAC smartwatch to scan the area for the opponent positions, regardless if they are behind the wall.

More maps might come up soon for that hero.

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