Pigfection's Hero and Game Changes BETA


Some unnecassary yet cool updates that aren't completely needed but i wanted to add in anyways...
I will not be realesing a code until i have at least 7 heroes.

Pre-Release Version 0.1.0

Added Reaper

New Passive: Far Wrath
When meleeing, Reaper sends a beam at an enemy within 20 metres of his crosshair.

New Ability: Final Blast (Hold Secondary Fire)
Reaper shoots all his remaining shells at once to increase damage. The more shells he has, the more damage it deals.

Added Roadhog

New Passive: Tough
When below 300 health, Roadhog takes reduced damage.

Pre-Release Version 0.2.0

Added Reinhardt

Ability: Charge
Can now cancel charge to immediately apply the pushed button.

Ability: Firestrike
Now set enemies hit on fire dealing 50% of the strike damage over 3 seconds.

Pre-Release Version 0.3.0 (Final Pre-Release)

Added Zenyatta

New Passive: Supportive Aura
Upon damaging an enemy, Zenyatta heals teammates close to the enemy aswell as teammates close to Zenyatta himself

Added Ashe

New Passive: Deadshot
Ashe deals increased damage to airborn targets with her primary weapon

Version 1.0.0 (RELEASED!)

Added Wreckingball

Ability: Piledriver
Now cripples enemies, making them move slower for a small amount of time dependant on how hard they are hit.


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