Prop Hunt v1.9 (ORIG BY ROSEN)



7 Abilities! Press Interact button to use them! You can use them only one time at round.

Stunno-Prop - Stun nearby hunters and make your speed a lil bit higher for a while.
Anti-Death Thing - When you get final blow, you will become super speedy and invisible.
Surprise (Enemy)Launching - Similar to Stunno-Prop - Launch nearby hunters in the air.
UNO Reverse Card - All incoming damage will be healing and will damage attacker.
Sonic Mode - Become super duper speedy!
GET DA HELL OUT O HERE - Just throws away from you nearby enemies.
SU DO KU - Become slow and after a while BLEW up you and nearby hunters.

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Categories | Elimination
Heroes | All
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Current version | 1.9


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