Duel with Upgrades


Duel with upgrades

Categories | 1vs1
Tags | duel rpg 1vs1
Heroes | All
Maps | Necropolis
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Last updated |
Current version | BETA build 4

Update Log

BETA build 4

New features in the update BETA build 4:

  • Now you can improve your protection

Protection - the more protection you have, the less damage you get.

  • Effect on improvement
  • Fixed a critical bug when improving damage
BETA build 3

New features in the update Build 3:

  • Stand heal improvement now adds 1.5 HP/sec (previously it was 1)
  • Now you can improve the speed of bullets
  • Bug fix
BETA build 2

New features in the update Build 2:

  • Now you can also improve Stand Regen.

Stand regen - you heal when you don't move

  • Added text for circles
  • Fixed some bugs
BETA build 1

First version of the game


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Very nice mod!

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