Created by: Xerxes and not me, only gibing more life to this ;D

NoClip Script "Module"

I've tried to design this script to be a "module-like" resource, allowing anyone to easily modify it to fit around their own Workshop mode.

This works perfectly fine as a standalone script though, so if you just want a way to fly around, then feel free to try it out!

If you have any questions or concerns, @ me on the Elo hell Workshop Discord: Xerxes

or join the Discord: https://discord.gg/fmsu6ba

Please credit me if you use this :c

Allow/disallow specific players to use NoClip.

Show name tags of the positions of players using NoClip
Very easy to set/change the activation method. (Keybinds)
Fly in the direction your're facing, and even pass through walls into out-of-bounds areas.
As you'd expect, you go back to regular form once you exit NoClip, continuing from that position.
Easy to configure, allowing you to change the global properties such as permissions, name-tag visibility, default speed, boost speed and camera smoothing.

Controls & Properties:


Toggle NoClip (configurable): Q/Ultimate

Up: Space/Jump
Down: Ctrl/Crouch
Shift/Ability 2: Speed Boost

Default Properties (All Configurable):

Access: 1 - Everyone has the ability to use NoClip

Name-Tag Visibility: 1 - Everyone can see the position of a NoClip user.
Normal flight speed (Meters/s): 10
Boosted flight speed (Meters/s): 20
Camera Smoothing: 25

Configurable Properties:

In rule {1/4}, the first 2 actions are vector values with each component being used as a property. You can change these values to better suit your preferences.

Action 1:
[X]: Default NoClip Access - This determines if by default, players will be able to use NoClip or not. (Default: 1)
0 = False
1 = True
[Y]: Name-tag Visibility - When someone is using NoClip, their name can be placed above their head to show others where they are. (Default: 1)
0 = The positions of NoClip users are hidden from everyone. (A text entity will not be created.)
1 = Everyone can see the position of a NoClip user.
2 = Only those with permission can see the position of a NoClip user.
3 = Only when using NoClip can you see the position of another NoClip user.
[Z]: Not Used

Action 2:
[X]: The default move speed of the NoClip camera in Meters/s. (Default: 10)
[Y]: The boost move speed of the NoClip camera in Meters/s. This is when the player is holding Shift/Ability1 (Default: 20)
[Z]: NoClip Camera Smoothing - The higher the value, the faster the transition speed but 0 is instant. I recommend using between 10-60. (Default: 25)

Useful Information & Tricks:

To get the current position of a player using NoClip, it's stored in Player Variable P.

To give/take permission from a player, set the value at P.Var N[0] to true or false. A few examples of how this can be used:
If there were some kind of currency/shop in your game, you should set this to true when a player purchases it.
Having set boundaries where NoClip is/isn't allowed. You could give/take permission once a player enters/exits these bounds.
Enabling NoClip for players that have been eliminated from the gamemode - kind of like an alternate spectate mode.
To check if a specific player is currently using NoClip, the value is stored at P.Var N1.

I'm always trying to get the action count down and make the exit a little smoother, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

My notes for this version: https://pastebin.com/xBFqcw0w


A small note:

I created this script a long time ago, back in PTR and it was posted in the Blizzard Forums. Since it seems like this is where the majority of the Workshop related content goes, I thought it would be a good idea to post it here, too. (https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/344151)


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Players | 1 - 12
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Version: 1.1.7



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