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Final fantasy 7 - 8KMTT

I am not a pro at coding, however here is one of my creations.

This game is based on final fantasy 7’s story lore.
You start in a mako reactor and have to defeat multiple shinra soldiers.

60 levels
multiple bosses
straffing Ai
crouch to shop

Sell at cost if needed. (if someone knows how to code ARMOR refund at cost, that would be awesome)

It may be solo-able because there is an auto regen if there are no support, or only one player.

You can start the game mode with zero players, the game starts automatically.

I hope you will like it, have fun !

Categories | PvE
Maps | King's Row
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.4


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How do u do a limit break

Ljorka#2530 creator

You need to play winston or genji, and it's set on interact button, which is F by default (you know symmetra's teleport)

Update Log (7)

Modified boss codes, sometimes a soldier would resurrect, odd behaviour.

Tweaked enemy's hp formula, added more hp.

Changes were made to bots path, included some walk pauses.

Changed bosses abilities. Enjoy !

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