Reprogramming Every Hero (Untitled Gamemode)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

I recently started a project to recreate every hero in unique ways.

Some heroes are completely different while others use core mechanics to enhance the gameplay.

Project has been abandoned

After my new found discovery on how to create some other heroes and work with server load, i have decided that i should start anew and begin this process again with higher quality, newer heroes.

Check my profile for updates but thanks for the support on this code.

First Release v0.1.0 (Unbalanced)

Developer Note: Every hero has functionality but are very far from balanced. I needed to get this project out there and balance changes will be released overtime.

Added Soldier: 76

Secondary Fire: Raybeam
Cooldown: 2s
Fire a quick burst raygun laser dealing small damage.

Ability 2: Stimpack
Cooldown: 14s
Effective Cooldown: 10s
Soldier stims himself briefly increasing speed and healing himself.

Ultimate: Overcharge
Duration: 8s
Increases Soldiers damage by 50% and instantly reloads ammo when mag is empty.

Added Reinhardt

Ability 1: Thrust
Cooldown: 8s
Reinhardt thrusts himself up and forward.

Ability 2: Launch
Cooldown: 10s
Reinhradt uppercuts an enemy, throwing them into the air and increasing their damage taken until they hit the ground.

Ultimate: Stomp
Reinhardt stomps into the ground dealing heavy damage in a wide radius and briefly knocking enemies down who are too close.

Added Sigma

Ability 1: Crush
Cooldown: 12s
Effective Cooldown: 10s
Sigma uses gravity to slowly crush an enemy dealing decent damage. Crush is cancelled upon Sigma death.

Ability 2: Fluxuation
Cooldown: 16s
Effective Cooldown: 12s
Sigma raises an enemy into the air for some time, possibly exposing backline heroes.

Ultimate: Gravitic Flux
Duration: 10s
Harness the power of gravity itself and force enemy players into the ground every second dealing heavy damage overtime. Cancelled upon death.

Added Sombra

Ability 1: Supportive Stealth
Cooldown: 6s
Sombra heals teammates around her while invisible.

Ability 2: Wifi Jammer
Cooldown: 16s
Effective Cooldown: 14s
Briefly hack enemies around Sombra.

Ultimate: SEMP (Supportive Electro Magentic Pulse)
Team members are given a portion of enemy shields when lost to EMP.

New Passive: Hacked Informant
Sombra heals herself and nearby allies for a portion of damage dealt to hacked enemies

Added Ana

Ability 1: Sleep Dust
Cooldown: 13s
Effective Cooldown: 10s
Ana sleeps enemies within a small radius for a small amount of time.

Ability 2: Medi-Grenade
Cooldown: 14s
Effective Cooldown: 10s
Ana heals herself and teammates around her whilst also giving herself a speed boost, heal boost, and slight damage boost.

Ultimate: Micro Boosts
Duration: 8s
Ana gives a less effective Nano Boost to everyone on her team.

Version 0.2.0 (Balancing and New Hero)

Added Torbjorn

Ability 1: Turret
Cooldown: 30s
Effective Cooldown: 26s
A back-mounted turret arms and fires a barrage of bullets.

Ability 2: Overload
Cooldown: 17s
Effective Cooldown: 15s
Torbjorn overheats and explodes ion a fiery blaze igniting nearby enemies and dealing splash damage.

Ultimate: Clouded Magma
Duration: 10s
Torbjorn releases a cloud of magma into the area around him burning all enemies who dare enter.

Hero Changes

Can no longer teleport enemies to where they last died with Fluxuation.

New Passive: Medical Genius
Ana full heals from any health pack healing, even small packs.

Developer Note: This takes time and a lot of brainstorming to create. If you find any bugs or have any feedback don't forget to comment them. I do not intend to update this consistently with new heroes but bug fixes and balancing changes should be frequent.

Players | 1 - 8
Tags: newheroes team
Heroes: Reinhardt, Sigma, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Torbjörn, and 1 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.2.0



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