Hey there!!

Welcome to the Meka RP, New player! You'll love what we have in store for you! First off, we are the Nanos!
Now, let us start! As soon as you spawn, you'll be in the living room! In the living room, we have a place to eat, we have a fire estinguisher, can't forget our nano cola! That's in the fridge. She'd sip the nano cola as she was typing this It is damn good though, you should try it if you havent already! Now, we have our own gaming setup there too! We all play Heroes Of The Storm together, but different mechanics. You 1v1 the enemy but it's 2D. Want an example? Click on this link! Anyway, where was I? Oh! Yes. Right. We have a game of... What was it called again? Well... I can't remember what it's called but it's near where we all play Heroes of the storm. It has a symbol of the Heroes of the storm on it too! Anyway. You are probably wondering, "what are these 'Press melee to enter room' things?". Well, if you go up to it and melee, you will go to a room. Each room at least has a computer.

My opinion about each room

  • My favourite thing about the blue room is that it has a coffee (dont even say tea set >:c. Sry but i don't like tea -w-) set :> Ah yes, and the blue room has an outdoor spot. You can't go too far though!

  • The green room has an upstairs, which means more room to do more stuff! :D. Great! Perfect for a lot of people in one room!

  • The Yellow room has a nice outside railing in the city, I love to sit on there and watch nature do it's thing.

  • The Orange/Red room has a nice dark atmosphere with an outside place to sit down peacefully.

  • The Pink room has a controller, coffee cups, a box to put your stuff in, a bed, and a nice painting on the wall! Gonna be honest here, this ones not that great. Why? Because there are no windows, no doors to outside, so it's going to be burning in there.

Moving on... Let's talk about MEKA's

Now, each of us need a MEKA. Remember, Meka's take time, and hard work. If you'd want to know how long it'd take to make one, i'd say 6 months. Remember. You can't instantly come and have a Meka, or immediately make one in like 20 minutes or less. (THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE!)

"Why do we need Meka's?"

Well, we need Meka's to fight against the omnics that come. I'll get more onto Omnics later. If nobody would attack the Omnics, the Busan city wouldn't be in one peace. The omnics have done it before... We won't let it happen again!

"Do they have to look exactly like D.VA's MEKA?"

No, they can be your own creation. Just remember, the bigger, faster, stronger, etc, the more work needs to be put into it.

"Why does it take so long to get your Meka progress high?"

Again, Meka's in real life take time to build. No different in a RP. The Pros about the MEKA CREATION, is that it's permanent, and you don't need to do it again (unless you restart ovo).

One more thing...

Your MEKA get's damaged over time (whether in a fight or not), so don't forget to Repair your meka at the Meka station (Near where you created your MEKA).


Now, let me get this clear. There are no actual bot omnics that you fight in the game. I'm trying to add it, but i'll need some time. The bots come when the owner says.

Please don't be this person.

I haven't encountered one of these people yet, but I know that it'll happen soon. The type of person that instantly knows when an Omnic is coming, and will go there and kill the omnic before anyone else can do anything about it. Don't work independently to do it. That's why i gave you a TEAM of 5(or lower). Not 1.

"Then... We just don't kill the omnic?"

No. What i'm saying is, you can guard the front and kill an Omnic if you see some. And if you don't see one, don't. Just don't go there without anybody telling you, or without you seeing it. Again, the best option in a scenario where u have to 1v4 or more omnics, is to run and get help by the others in your team.


Now, i'm not going to repeat the things that i've said above. Just please, follow these. Thank you ^^.

  1. Don't boss everyone around if your not leader. (i'll get more onto roles later, such as, Leader, Repairer, etc.) It's plain rude in the RP (if ur character is rude in the RP, then skip this one)

  2. DONT. BE. TOO. OP. "What's the limit of OP?" The limit of being Over Powered is where, you don't take ANY hits, and you one shot everyone. Another example is, never needing sleep, which could lead into sitting at the front of the base all day and night waiting for omnics to come. NOTE: You can stay up, just not forever, and if you do, don't guard the entrance to where the omnics come. It's fine to peek, but not sit there all day/night I could go on forever, but i'm just going to give this last example. (Bio: Species: I'm a dragon hybrid queen with black dark magic that can almost kill whoever it touches and oh did i mention im a fairy demon dragon cat wolf that can copy other peoples identity and be them forever but oh i can also fly infinitely and lives at a place sacred where nobody else can get to-) Just. No. 1. too long of a bio, 2. wtf? That species is just so op.
    What i'm saying here is... Don't have magic. Does anybody have magic irl? If you know someone who does, think to yourself, It's probably fake and they are lying/edited it.

  3. SFW. Blood, gore, suicide, abuse and drugs are allowed. The rest... Are not.

  4. If someone feels uncomfortable with something you are doing, please stop when asked.

  5. No fights unless they're in RP. Take it to the group chat, or whisper.

  6. Listen to what the Owner/Owners friend says.

  7. Don't control the other members. If your in a game, instead of writing "she'd pounce on her and hit her, causing her to bleed", write something like "she'd attempt to use her double attack, and try to pin her down." This is for the Omnics too. The Omnics can move around, y'know? And fly around like echo's flight where she can dodge bullets fast? Well now you know.

  8. English only. Do not speak in a different language unless everyone understands you or you say what your saying. Example: Hallo! Heißt Leaf. Du? ;Hello! I am Leaf. You?;

  9. Swearing is fine, but saying the n-word or any derogatory or offensive terms will result in a kick.

End of rules

God i'm exhausted from all of them rules o_o.... Anyway. Moving on to...


Role time >:3

  • Leader: The Leader role tells people what to do in situations.

    • Example: "(name). You attack those Omnics over there. she'd point to the group of omnics at the side, they'd be trying to sneak past us without us seeing (name). You go and protect the people at the city. (name), (name) and me will go and attack the ones coming.
  • Repairer: These people stay out of the battles with the omnics (

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I can’t seem to find where the Omnics spawn, I spawn them in, and they just make me lose 30% health. I don’t know if you’re still working on this, or if you’ll even see this, but it would be greatly appreciated, as right now, I have no idea how to actually play the game.

Teishi#21342 creator

Spawn them in and teleport out of the meka base, i made them teleport a bit too far forward. I'll fix it when I have time. Continue like they just went closer to the city :). If you still can't find them, then if you have any friends, ask them to join and switch you to spectator, (give them owner btw) then when they start the OmnicMode, you can spectate the Omnics.

Update Log

UPDATE 1.1.0

  • Added Omnics (Pharahs) that fly to the City. More information in the description
  • Fixed so you need to get the 'MEKA PROGRESS' percentage to 100% before being able to bring your Meka down as D.Va / use your ultimate.
  • Added so you can lose (need -20 to lose)
  • Added so Host Player can't spam/restart the OmnicMode to the beginning

Our next objective

What our next objective is, is to make it so every character can fly. Just holding Jump, you could fly on any hero. It'd add to Mercy and pharah, etc etc. If we did this, we would need to make some heroes have less damage. Moira can spam her balls, but it would be quite op so, what we had in mind for her, was to make the projectile speed to 0, so it would be hard to get kills with them, but it's still possible. For bastion however, let's not spoil that now :).


I'd like to credit Misty for the idea of the OmnicMode. Without that idea, we'd still be back where we were, without omnics. Thank you Misty#21827!


Leave any ideas you want in the game, in the description!


  • Added 5 rooms
  • Added a Meka creating station
  • Added a Repair Meka station (after you've created your Meka, near it)
  • Added computers (just for show ones) in each room
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