Murder Mystery Redux:)

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murder mystery redux by Jibby#21909 and Banana#12239. [v1.2.8]
each character has an ability tailored to them, some abilities are situational and others are more useful during the game. every character's ability is custom-made to suit them:)

players get a assigned a role, innocent, traitor or hunter, as an innocent your goal is to find traitors or survive, as a traitor your goal is to kill everyone and as the hunter your goal is to kill the traitor. hunters hear sound effects whenever a traitor is near and if the traitor eliminates them then they get exposed for a short while. if the innocents see a red warning sign- that is the indication of a traitor being exposed. use your abilites wisely and have fun playing;)

ability list (subject to change):

  • ana(peripheral vision)- scope allows you to move your camera forward
  • ashe(pressurize)- force another player to use their ability
  • baptiste(bandage)- prolong someones life for 5s before they die
  • bastion(status: repair)- clear all current status effects that are applied to you
  • brigitte(barricade)- create a barrier that only you can enter
  • doomfist(relocate)- relocate your position within a short duration
  • d.va(egirl things)- create an aura that mesmerises the players inside it
  • echo(insync)- sync yourself with the player closest to you
  • genji(misdirection)- launch upwards and confuse the players around you
  • hanzo(ghost)- lunger further and lower gravity
  • junkrat(quicksand)- create an area that slows people who enter it
  • lucio(reverse aura)- push player away from you, who are inside your general aura
  • mccree(roll)- roll indefinetly for a short duration
  • mei(cryo-dome)- create a dome that freezes people who leave it
  • mercy(resurrect)- revive any player you choose, even the traitor
  • moira(invisibility)- become invisible and move signifcantly faster
  • orisa(fortification)- give yourself no melee cooldown for a short while(WIP)
  • pharah(stomp)- while in the air, drop down and knock down all enemies around you(v1.2.7)
  • reaper(displace)- swap you and the player who you're looking at's position
  • reinhardt(N/A)- reinhardt is currently under development
  • roadhog(repulsion)- force a targetted player to run away from you
  • sigma(magnetise)- create a beam that slowly pulls targetted player towards you
  • soldier(sprint)- sprint indefinetly
  • sombra(opportunist)- hacking a player reveals their role/identity
  • symmetra(teleporter)- place down a rift that you can later teleport back to
  • torbjorn(overload)- upon getting a kill as traitor, you gain access to molten core
  • tracer(recall)- recall you and everyone back to life status 3s ago.
  • widowmaker(infrasight+)- infrasight lasts shorter but give you access to grapple
  • winston(banana peel)- drop a banana peel that players slip on when they go over it
  • wrecking ball(shield)- make yourself invulnerable for a duration of time
  • zarya(choke hold)- choke hold a player for a short while and drop them down after
  • zenyatta(euphoria+disharmony)- speed yourself up and slow targetted players
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, and 25 more...
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.2.8



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