🧪Chillzone - Mod Menu W/ Scaling!

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What is Chillzone?

Chillzone is a working mod menu in Overwatch. It allows for players to control their own skrimish experience and even moderate their own lobbies.

How Do I Use Chillzone?

Simply load up the code, and press interact while in game to open the menu! The controls will displayed on the screen to help you navigate through commands. The menu will allow you to execute commands with a choice of arguments.

What's an argument?

An argument is what info you are telling the command. For example, Teleport To requires a player to teleport to, which is the argument.

What are the commands?

Easy answer! This link contains every command that Chillzone contains and what arguments are required. Note: Some commands are limited to Admins, which can be chosen by the lobby Owner!

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