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This is a new take on the good old mode that goes under many names such as best skin wins, skin contest or theme contest. The following paragraph includes core rules so you can skip it if you are familiar with some other version of the mode.

Best skin wins is a simple mode about showing off the best skins that players have. Team 1 are the contestants while Team 2 is the judge. In the first 40 seconds of the round, during the hero selection screen, the judge has to choose a theme for the current round. Contestants have to select their hero and their skin based on the chosen theme within the 40 seconds long hero selection screen. After the round begins, all players are teleported into the central area. The judge chooses the winner of the current round based on the contestant's skins and his own personal preferences. Contestants may also use emotes, sprays or voice lines to impress the judge.

Variations to the core rules exist and my mode offers many features to support all variations that I know of. The feature list follows:

  • Support of up to 10 contestants and up to 2 judges.
  • The contestants are distributed in a mathematicaly perfect rainbow circle. This decision supports both math geeks and pride.
  • Readme for the contestants, the judge and the moderator.
  • Currently 8 maps and 18 different locations for the contest. The remaining maps are coming in Soon^tm
  • Command board for the judge with 9 different commands.
    • Automatic theme picker which randomly chooses one out of 152 themes included in the mode.
    • Reset contestant positions in case they run away
    • Root contestants in their default spot
    • Request emotes from contestants
    • Ressurect killed contestants in case judge makes a mistake
    • Request dead contestants to vote for the winner
    • Kill random contestant
    • End the current round so the judge doesn't have to jump off a cliff.
    • Partner mode in case you want contestants to work in teams.
  • Keybindings! All 9 commands on command board can be assigned to your keyboard.

Not happy with something? Bellow are all possible settings that you may change in the workshop code:

  • Chose which parts of your UI are disabled.
  • Disable or change the readme text in top left corner.
  • Disable the round counter in top middle.
  • Disable player icons (or enable 2nd judges icon).
  • Add or remove themes for the automatic theme picker.
  • Set custom keybinding to all of the 9 commands. By default, only Toggle contestant movement, Emote request and End of round commands are active and bound to Group Up, I need healing and Interact respectively.
  • Add new maps in case I'm lazy to do myself, or add more locations for the contest on existing maps.
  • Add support to two judges. You can do so by going into lobby settings (not workshop) and increase the max team 2 players to 2.
  • Also, in case you want some inspiration for the themes, here is the full list of themes in automatic theme picker. https://pastebin.com/fhGbsUXk

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Update Log

Added Ayutthaya, Ecopoint: Antarctica and it's winter version and Ilios Lighthouse maps. It's 4 new maps and 7 new contest locations.

Added option to create contests indoors (like on Ayutthaya).

Expanded judge readme, so judge knows about the default keybindings. If you change your keybindings, I recommend changing your readme too.

Turned off hero hud by default. This turns off your health, ammo ultimate etc. You can reenable it in the first rule.

Remade the entire code from scratch to optimize it. Improved creation of new maps. Added command board. Added few other features. Added support to 10 contestants and 2 judges.

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