The Divisionwatch: Gabriel Keener Fight


Gabriel Keener, the first rogue agent of The Divisionwatch is back, and is equiped with the SHD Techs he wants to test out on you. Defeat him, unless you want to become his targets for the techs he'll throw at you.

Press Interact to cycle between selected SHD Techs / and send them towards the targets (only selected SHD Techs: Seeker Mines, Drones, Fireflies).

Press Ability 2 Key to deploy the SHD tech.

Press Ability 1 Key to Sprint.

Press Secondary Fire Key to remotely ignite firestarter cloud/call back the drone.

Press Ultimate Key to use health kit, when the bar is full and your health is lower than 500.

Communicate On my way or Group up to throw the grenade.

Each tech has the cooldown and you can't use multiple techs until the previous one's detonated, it's lifetime runs out or is destroyed.

GAMEMODE TRAILER: https://youtu.be/S-NyrP1YAJ4

Gamemode also has:
Anti-Fall measures.
Anti-Spawnroom Hide measures.

TIP: You can also use the Ultimate Key to quickly cycle to Pulse Scan.

DISCOVERED AND KNOWN ISSUES: It is strictly recommended, if you want to swap slots with the boss of the gamemode, to do it only when In Lobby. Script is prone to excessive load when doing this while game is both in progress and hero assembling stage. Simply, return to lobby by pressing "Back To Lobby", and then try changing the slots.

Categories | Boss Mode
Heroes | All
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Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.5

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Update Log (6)


Added mobile cover.

Moved some stuff and fixes from PTR to Live.

Updated description.

Fixed the issue with Riot Foam not to be working, when player from Opposite Team is in the foam.

Added Debug Tools for the Flying SHD Tech models iterations, in the attempt to fix the latency spiking issue, by the cost of beam model quality.

Revamped the Airburst Seeker Mine.

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