The Divisionwatch: Gabriel Keener Fight


Gabriel Keener, the first rogue agent of The Divisionwatch is back, and is equiped with the SHD Techs he wants to test out on you. Defeat him, unless you want to become his targets for the techs he'll throw at you.

Press Interact to cycle between selected SHD Techs / and send them towards the targets (only selected SHD Techs: Seeker Mines, Drones, Fireflies).

Press Ability 2 Key to deploy the SHD tech.

Press Ability 1 Key to Sprint.

Press Secondary Fire Key to remotely ignite firestarter cloud/call back the drone.

Press Ultimate Key to quickly cycle to Pulse Scan.

Communicate On my way or Group up to throw the grenade.

Each tech has the cooldown and you can't use multiple techs until the previous one's detonated, it's lifetime runs out or is destroyed.


Gamemode also has:

Anti-Fall measures.
Anti-Spawnroom Hide measures.

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Current version | 1.0.3

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Update Log (3)


SHD Tech Targeting Revamp Update is here.

You can now assign targets for the SHD Techs like Seeker Mines, Drones and Fireflies by looking at the opponents and Press Interact key to send them towards the marked (X iconed) targets.

Returning issues:
At the cost of fixing the Drone model, there will be small latency spike when deploying a drone.

Fixed the Flash Firefly's flashing payload.


Minor latency fixes.

Recalibrated and fixed Flash Firefly's detonation time.

Recalibrated Pulse Attacker Drone's components.
It should now chase and assault the target as is should after sending out.

Replaced Fixer Drone's faulty component.
Removed the Blaster gun and installed the small Staff.

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