Dead by Daylight - Remastered


  • Complete 5 generators as survivor to power the Exit Gates
  • Escape through the Exit Gates to win
  • Survivors can heal by standing next to each other
  • As Killer, eliminate over half the Survivor team to win
  • Press Interact to pick up downed survivors and carry them to hooks
  • Hooking a survivor subtracts 60 seconds from their bleedout timer
  • Press Interact to hide inside or check lockers
  • Each killer is similar to one found in Dead by Daylight, see below:
  • Each survivor has two unique perks, see below:

List of Survivor / Hero perk combinations:
Soldier: Sprint Burst / Leader (On demand speed boost. Can grant nearby allies speed)
Genji: Dead Hard / Unbreakable (can revive himself once per match from the dying state)
Mercy: Self Care / We'll Make It (Mercy can dash to injured teammates) Lightweight / Urban Evasion (lower gravity + faster move speed)
Widowmaker: Stake Out / Quick and Quiet (enters and exits lockers faster)
Mccree: Object of Obsession / Balanced Landing (Look in the killer's direction to reveal both players)
Moira: Flashlight / Adrenaline (Moira's ultimate can blind the killer)
Sombra: Spine Chill / Dance with Me (entering a window turns Sombra invisible for a time)
Mei: Pallet (Ice Wall) / Head On (exit a locker after 3 seconds to stun a nearby killer)
Ana: Empathy / Hemo Syringe (empathy reveals killer location when an ally is injured)
Hanzo: Sonar Arrow / Decisive Strike (stuns the killer on second pickup)
Tracer: Lithe / Firecracker (pulse bomb blinds the killer. Run through windows for speed)
Junkrat: Diversion / Deliverance (mines force the killer to face backwards)
Reaper: Tenacity / Flip Flop (only hooks can kill Reaper. Can recover while moving while downed)
Torbjorn: Iron Will / Saboteur (no injured noises, can destroy hooks by standing in them)
Ashe: Borrowed Time / Camaraderie (unhooking allies grants invincibility. Has 25% extra bleedout time)
Brigitte: Bond / WGLF (enables Whipshot while near an ally)
Zarya: Solidarity / Mettle of Man (shield regens when near allies. After 3 hits, the 4th deals no damage)
Echo: Off the Record / Distortion (enables Flight after being unhooked, turns invisible when in killer's LoS)
Baptiste: Repressed Alliance / Alert (use Regen. Burst to protect generators)
Pharah: For the People / Second Wind (can carry allies to safety, heals after being unhooked)
Doomfist: Breakout / Inner Strength (damaging the killer adds wiggle progress for allies)

List of Killer / Hero combinations:
Hanzo = Huntress (hold left click to throw hatchets (arrows))
Reinhardt = Hillbilly (hold right click to chainsaw sprint, let go to stop mid-charge)
Lucio = Legion (attacks during speed boost apply Deep Wounds)
Reaper = Spirit (hold right click to phasewalk. Everyone is invisible during Wraith Form)
Junkrat = Trapper (right click to place traps, hold crouch while on a trap to pick it up)
Roadhog = Leatherface (Roadhog's ultimate deals no damage beyond 5 meters)
Genji = Myers (hold M2 to stare at survivors and gain ult charge)
Moira = Ghostface (can only stalk while invisible. Survivors can reveal Ghostface by looking at him)
Sigma = Wraith (Kinetic Grasp toggles invisibility. Can't deal damage while invisible)
Ashe = Deathslinger (Shoot enemies while zoomed in to spear them, M2 to reel them in)
Soldier = Pig (Hold M2 to ambush, press Ultimate on downed survivors for RBT)
Mei = Clown (Right click to throw bottles at survivors and slow them, deals no damage)
Tracer = Nurse (Right click to blink. Hold it longer to teleport further) = Plague (Hold M2 to infect survivors. Infected survivors can't heal and suffer a DoT)
Echo = Doctor (Press M2 to shock survivors. Reaching 100% ultimate = Madness 3)
Doomfist = Demogorgon (Hold crouch to set portals, press Ultimate to teleport between them)
Winston = Oni (Hit survivors or stay near injured ones to charge Blood Fury)


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This game is so fun.


thanks. this is awesome game.

and is it okay to translate this language to Korean for my friends?


this game is awesome thank you for making it
luv ur content on youtube too

Update Log

  • Nerfed Soldier's (survivor) sprint burst duration
  • Nerfed Sombra's invisibility duration
  • Replaced's Boil Over perk with Urban Evasion
  • Replaced Soldier's Urban Evasion perk with Leader
  • Echo's (doctor) power has received a rework to make it feel more like Shock Therapy from DBD
  • Ashe (deathslinger) now applies Deep Wounds when attacking speared survivors
  • Tracer (nurse) now plays a voice line when initiating her blink
  • Echo's (doctor) power has received a buff, making it easier to catch survivors at windows
  • Survivor outlines have been removed, making it easier to hide but more difficult to locate allies
  • Various bug fixes
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